Signed Books in the USA

Because I just had a long discussion with some friends about what constitutes being crassly commercial I’ve decided now is the time to let you know where you can buy signed books of mine. What? Some people write and ask me that, you know. Also it’s Sunday no one will notice me being crassly commercial.

I have scribbled on copies of my books in the following places in the US of A:

For those of you in Australia, I will be back home and shall try to sign books at various book stores in Sydney in December. I pretty much always manage to make it to Kinokuniya and Galaxy. I’ll keep you posted.

Thus ends this crassly comercial service announcement. Normal service will resume tomorrow.


  1. Rebekah on #

    Do you think you’ll ever go near/in Kentucky again (and by “again” I mean “within the next two years”)? Hint hint Lexington hint hint.

    Just a totally arbitrary question.

  2. Justine on #

    I go where my publisher sends me. It is them you must lobby to get me to Lexington, not me. I’d be happy to go there again. Had a fabulous time when last I was there.

  3. AndrewN on #

    Nothing wrong with being commercial. This is your blog, you get to decide the rules. Feeding the author should be a top priority.

  4. Justine on #

    AndrewN: Nah, it’s me who’s arguing against being crassly commercial. My husband Certain people think I’m hopelessly non-commercial and there should be links to buy my books on this site. I think they are wrong. But put this post up to stop them from nagging me.

  5. Summer on #

    Dude….if I ever go back to Memphis soon….

  6. Lauren on #

    Hey next time you’re in the Texas area, could you please come to Dallas instead of Austin????? I couldn’t see you because you were soooooooooo far away!

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