On Tips + OTP

From various sources, I see that a few people are a little freaked when the tips Scott and me have been sharing don’t work for you. Please to relax. No writing tip works for everyone. And even if it does work for you now, it might not always. For instance, I no longer use square brackets though once I found them extremely useful. My last novel had no zero draft. Some novels I write without paying attention to daily word counts, some novels I do. I’ve not used a time line for most of my books. I’ve never dialogue spined an entire novel.

I recently learned that in certain fandoms OTP stands for One True Pairing. That is, the two characters who are meant to be together. This has made me look at everything with entirely different eyes. Do any of you watch Community? Me and Scott have decided that Abed1 and Troy are that show’s OTP. Our favourite part of Community is their bit after the credits at the end of every show. Fills my heart with joy:

I’m off to spot all the other OTPs in the universe.

  1. Abed as Batman is the best thing in the entire universe. []


  1. bookwormchris on #

    Perhaps I need to start watching Community…

  2. LaurelArwen on #

    YES! I love Community!!! And I totally agree – Troy and Abed FTW =D

  3. Lyssa on #

    hahaha love that show. i go to a community college and almost everything that happens on that show has happened to me so it fills my heart with joy as well. haha 🙂

  4. S.S. White on #

    I love Abed and Troy! They’re, indeed, the best part of the show. How’d you like Abed’s Batman in the Halloween episode? I laughed so hard I cried!

  5. Sarah on #

    Yes! yes! yes! I have never agreed with anyone more in my entire life! OMG! Though that clip is my absolute favorite of the series, I’m a big fan of the end of the Halloween episode where they talk about what they would do if they woke up and they were donuts in their Batman voices and the “Dr. Doogie Seacrest” clip to show off their OTP-ness.

  6. Steffie on #

    I love community because of Abed & Troy.

    My best friend and I actually made a list of OTPs. Just to name a few we had: Pinky & the Brain, JD & Turk, Hook & Smee, Sheppard & McKay, Spock & Kirk, Shawn & Gus… and the list goes on. We roughly have a list of about 40 and still add it. We did this because we determined that our BFFness was meant to be. When I write a book of our adventures, there will be a dedication to all the OTPs we wrote down. (Before it was just a joke, but because of my creative writing class, I now have 5 short stories about our friendship. One day, it shall be published.)

  7. Summer on #

    Some fandoms? I’ve never seen the word mean anything but “Original true pairing”….Hmm…Also; can you tell me more about this ‘Community’thing? 🙂
    I haven’t tried the tips….yet. But I will!

  8. Steffie on #


    Thanks for the brackets tip! There was a scene I had no idea how to write and lost all motivation for it, but I knew I needed it. I just typed a small summary in brackets and was able to move on without messing up with my flow 😀

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