My New Favourite Blog

As previously mentioned I’ve discovered a slew of marvellous blogs because of the storm surrounding the cover of Liar. I’ve already mentioned Color Online and the Happy Nappy Bookseller as well as Reading in Color and Taste Life Twice, all of them wonderful informative blogs. I’m not sure how I lived without them.

But I also came across some blogs that have almost nothing to do with YA books. My current favourite is Journal of a Baby Power Dyke in Training—best blog title ever, right? (Why did I not come up with a cool title for my own blog? What was I thinking?) This post made me nearly combust with laughter. It is currently my favourite blog in the universe. Go, Baby Power Dyke!


  1. Baby Power Dyke on #

    I am so flattered!
    Thank you for the mention!

  2. Doret on #

    Thanks so much for the mention. And the great new blog. I never seem to find the good ones on my own, the same goes for You Tube clips.

  3. susan on #

    Great blog! Love the title. I’m with you, why didn’t I come up with something that cool. I’ll be checking it out regularly.

  4. Justine on #

    Baby Power Dyke: You’re welcome. Your blog has really brightened my world. I treasure it.

    Doret: My pleasure. It’s been wonderful to be able to direct some of the increased traffic towards yours and Susan’s and other people’s fabulous blogs. Thank you!

  5. Candy on #

    ha ha ha! love it! thanks for the heads up! brilliant blog!

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