Want to Know More About Liar?

The Liar pages are live. Ta dah!

There’s a plea for those who have read the book not to spoil it, a lengthy excerpt, a list of places in the world where Liar has sold, and a non-spoilery discussion of some of the influences on the book.

There’s also a review section on account of the astonishing number of early reviews that have appeared. (Bless you, book bloggers!) Though I decided not to include the blurbs from dead writers because I didn’t want my fellow alive writers to get jealous of my powerful ouija board:

Liar is almost as dark as one of my books. Not bad, Larbalestier.

—Patricia Highsmith

If you can’t get hold of a good book I suppose you could give Liar a go.

—Chester Himes

So creepy I had to put it down and seek solace in Anne of Green Gables.

—Shirley Jackson

Liar proves everything I said about parents was true.

—Philip Larkin

There was also going to be an essay on how Scrivener influenced the writing of the book. However, I’ve decided to hold off on posting that until after Liar is published. On account of how the Scrivener essay won’t really make any sense unless you have read the book. And not many people have at the moment on account of Liar doesn’t publish for another three months. Such a long time . . .

So there you have it some Liar content that is not even a tiny bit spoilery.


  1. sara z. on #

    Patricia Highsmith is one my FAVORITES, and if she liked it from the grave, I will love it from the land of the living. I’ve heard to many raves already (from alive people) – way to go, you!!

  2. Mike on #

    That excerpt was so good!! A painful tease though as I now want to read the rest of the book. BTW…why does the girl on the cover look so different from how Micah is described?

  3. Justine on #

    Sara Z: Highsmith was a huge influence on Liar so I’m relieved she didn’t hate my book! 🙂

    Mike: Authors have no control over covers.

  4. Carrie on #

    I so can’t wait to read this again! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!!!

  5. Rob Charron on #

    Hi 🙂
    Thanks for the great lead in to LIAR. I am looking forward to this book. Thanks for sharing.
    Love From Canada

  6. Cristina on #

    WOW! LIAR has just been promoted to number 1 on my me-obssessively-wants list!! 😀

    …and I now know the reason my not-so-powerful ouija board kept spelling “liar” was not because the dead were suggesting I was one, but because they were recommending your book!!!

  7. Julia on #

    I am so excited. I have a list of books that won’t come out until late summer, fall or early next year, and I am so impatient for all of them. I can’t wait to Liar.

  8. eric luper on #

    Great reviews for a GREAT book! LIAR rocks!

  9. caitlin on #

    I had been looking forward to reading Liar for months. The night I received my copy I didn’t get a chance to start reading until after 10ish pm. I read straight through with the full moon shining through my blinds and then read over a few parts. Liar is an incredible thriller best read in the dark of night. I can’t wait to put Liar into people’s hands this fall.

  10. Katie on #

    The idea of Shirley Jackson reading Anne of Green Gables somehow makes me absurdly happy. Can’t wait to check out the excerpt!

  11. Fiona on #

    Oh, I just finished reading “Liar” – I wish it were out already so I could sell it to all my customers and then harrass them for their thoughts next time they come in. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Cheers!

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