My Gross Story

More than a year ago Cylin Busby’s most excellent anthology First Kiss (Then Tell): A Collection of True Lip-Locked Moments came out. And it was very good. Still is! I am now posting my story from that antho., “Pashin’ or the Worst Kiss Ever,” in its entirety to give you a taste of First Kiss and encourage you to buy it or borrow it from the library and experience all that goodness.

I’m extremely proud of this story. Not so much for its literary prowess but because of the responses it has evoked from its readers, which include nausea and gagging:

I didn’t love every story in this collection; some were just, “eh,” and some were good but not really my thing (I have a weak stomach, so some of them made me rather nauseous!).1

Teen Book Review

Disgusting yet hilarious.


Hands down favorite for sheer grossness (it was so gross it was funny!) was Justine Larbalestier’s “Pashin’”, a tale of her friend’s first kiss.

Book Nut

Justine Larbalestier’s “Pashin’ or The Worst Kiss Ever” was my favorite, hands down. I’ve read it three times (once aloud to Josh), and it made me gag every single time. No, that’s not a typo. I said gag, and I meant it. Literally.

Bookshelves of Doom

The most disgusting story ever.

Margo Lanagan

And now the story is available for you to read right here on this site. Read it if you dare! I take no responsibility for any nausea, gagging, or other side effects. You can’t say you weren’t warned.


  1. I know Jocelyn doesn’t specifically say that my story made her nauseous but she confirms it here. []


  1. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    Has your shift to Evil Justine been a gradual thing that I’ve missed, or have you always had a heart of darkness?! Why are you happy that your writing made people want to throw up? Use your powers for good. If you’re going to emotionally move people, happiness is a good way to go.

  2. Sir Tessa on #

    Ahhh….that’s a story I’d forgotten. Heh. Oarsum.

  3. Samantha on #

    Gaaah! I know I should have listened to the warning, but… with bits in…
    Nice one Justine!

  4. Rebecca on #

    I loooooove this story. So. Much. I made my roommate read it. Muahahahaha.

  5. Patrick on #

    It was all sexy. Davo was just weak!

  6. bookwormchris on #

    That wasn’t so bad to read. Experiencing it or maybe seeing it would probably be something else. If anything will make me sick, it will be that bread mold I probably accidentally ingested during lunch.

  7. Rachel on #

    Loved that collection!

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