My Week as a Primary School Kid

On Tuesday we went to the Extreme Mammals exhibition. It was good. There were very big mammals and very small ones. I liked the ones with the really big eyes best. Weird. It was a good day except for when we walked through Central Park afterwards and my juice box exploded.

On Thursday we went to the school days pre-season New York Liberty game. That’s basketball in case you don’t know. It was good too. There were six thousand of us primary school and middle school and high school kids and some grown ups and we yelled A LOT. My favourite part was everyone dancing to Beyonce and when the cheerleaders fell down from being balanced in the air and when the Liberty won. We yelled EVEN MORE then. It was so loud my ears exploded.

Then we went to our dance lesson. The teacher was nice. She says I stick my elbows out and take too big steps but my knee bends and hand holds are good. There were lots of mirrors and we were sposed to look at ourselves in them. I was too embarrassed. We had to say slow-slow-quick-quick a lot. Scott had to learn to spin me. The music was bouncy. It was hot. We sweated. Afterwards my foot hurt exploded.

The End


  1. Becca on #

    Did you have jam, honey, or bananas on your peanut-butter sandwich at your field trip?

    Okay, and I was expecting something (something) to explode in your third paragraph. Consistency, you know. Bane of readers like me.

  2. Justine on #

    Becca: Honey and white chocolate and banana!

    I fully intended to have an explosion in the third par and then I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. Have fixed it.

  3. Nichole Chagnon on #

    Wow. I’m super jealous of you. Then again, what else is new? Le Sigh. Reminds me of Tegan & Sara’s song So Jealous. “I get so jealous that I can’t even work.” 😉

  4. bookwormchris on #

    I think Maureen Johnson is actually the animal with the very big eyes. Related at the very least.

  5. PixelFish on #

    That is totally like my old journal entries from elementary school. Only my sentence of choice was “It was fun.” (Example: “We had brownies for lunch. It was fun. Then we played soccer and I scored a goal. It was fun.”) Now I can’t write “It was fun” without seeing my journal from back then.

    I hope your foot has been put back together by qualified foot technicians.

  6. Gothhic Goddess on #

    Poor exploded foot! I hope the un****s will help you put it back together. They heal people. 🙂

  7. Justine on #

    PixelFish: I was, indeed, mocking tiny Justine’s diary entries, which were pretty much exactly like that. I did not think I was alone. Yay for little us and our wee diaries of declarative sentences with lots of paratactic constructions.

  8. Nif on #

    Ice is your foot’s friend. Also, stretching.

    Nif, the broken record.

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