Twenty20 League in NYC?!

If this happens I will be an extremely happy bunny rabbit:

Australians Jason Gillespie and Damien Martyn head a group of rebel cricketers recruited for the American Premier League, the latest international Twenty20 tournament that is gathering momentum in New York City.

Because as you all know the one thing wrong with New York City is the absence of international level cricket. Well, that and the absence of rainbow lorikeets and flying foxes and good Thai food. Oh, and the crappy winters. And that there’s no southerly in the summer to blow the excessive heat away and . . . .

Oh, never mind.


  1. Dave H on #

    Ooooh. That would be extremely cool.

  2. Rajan on #

    Regarding Thai food, have you ever tried Pongsri on 23rd street (near 7th avenue)? I may not be able to judge Thai food as well as a native Aussie, but I found their curries and some of their other dishes to be decent, more so than most other Thai in NY.

    As to Twenty20, I’ve never been much of a cricket fan, despite my parents, but I saw a few Twenty20 games while I was in India a little over a year ago and I enjoyed it. It probably also helped that India was playing Pakistan and India won – it was a loud audience.

  3. Justine on #

    David: My fingers are crossed.

    Rajan: I have indeed tried Pongsri and, no, it did not pass. I suspect the problem is that the fresh ingredients required to make truly great Thai aren’t available in the northeast. Also they seem to make everything sweeter and less sour and spicy.

  4. Cheryl on #

    But October in New York??? That’s even more stupid than trying to play cricket during an English summer.

    Hey, didya see the Royals in action today? Warnie and the boys are back on track. Yusuf Pathan 62 off 30 balls. Magic stuff.

  5. Don MacDonald on #

    Hm. And I thought the one thing wrong with New York was the Yankees.

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