I got my blog back!

Sorry about the on-again-off-again-ness of this blog today. We were moving hosts. And now are safely ensconsed in new home. Yay! Thank you, Tempest, for all your hard work!

I discovered that a few hours without my blog turns me into a jittery mess. Thank Elvis, for Twitter. Though those who follow my Twitter feed are probably bitter about my excessive spamage today. Sorry!

In other news I saw a jewelled propeller gorget hat thingie:

Thought to be designed by Valentina from around 1950. (Was a bit tricky to photograph, being black on black, and me only having crappy phone camera. Just peer closely.)

When I get my ballgown this is what I’m wearing with it.


  1. Gina Black on #

    That’s a propeller? It looks like a un****n horn.

  2. Reverie Books Reviews on #

    interesting…… i dont know what exactly i think about the propeler…hmmmm

  3. Joey-la on #

    I think that propeller is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!!!

    I want it!

  4. Camille on #

    Am I actually looking at a flying hijab???

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