1. Lizabelle on #

    That’s awesome! Thanks for posting – it’s so good to see what a difference it made in the city.

  2. Tim on #

    I took part in Earth Hour this year and was really pleased with the results. I live on a hill in Brisbane and I could definitely see a lot of blackness in the suburbs, which was heartening. Unfortunately the effect of the darkened skyline was somewhat ruined by the hideously bright lights of the Gabba overshadowing (or overilluminating?) any efforts the actually CBD had made to turn its power off.

    Still, overall I think it was a good experience.

  3. Amber on #

    Wow – what a difference! Not too many lights out in my neck of the woods. For my efforts, I managed to tip candlewax all down my trousers when turning the page of my book (I completely missed the book, though).

  4. Ellen on #

    That’s so cool! My roomie and I shut off our lights, but alas, we didn’t see anyone else in our neighborhood doing it. Suburban Philly obviously sucketh

  5. Cat on #

    Cool. The view from your place is awesome. AND it was nice to see how it changed for Earth Hour…nice to see people working together and trying something new like this. (So nice of your Dad to do that!)

  6. Mel on #

    Hey, cool! Everyone should do that more often 😀

    I… spent the actual hour on the net, with lights, but retreated into the candlelit loungeroom after that.

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