1. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    I’ve clearly been hanging out with the wrong type of bandits. None of them look like that. I like your version better.

  2. Q on #

    Oh, jealous! Those are so pretty.

  3. Cat on #

    Oh, cool, fun, and oh so stylish. Where did you go?

  4. Amber on #

    Those are really pretty! I would so wear them.

  5. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Look at all those BOOKS!!! Your home is a library! So is my bedroom, but I don’t have as big a wall of bookcases as you seem to have, plus don’t you guys have magic floating books, too?

    Oh, that picture was supposed to be about the hair clips? Whoops, my mistake. They are lovely. It’s just that, shiny as they are, they are not as shiny at all those BOOKS!!!!!


  6. Jay-wa on #

    Wow! Those rock! (and are fabulously sparkely!)
    (Kind of like with what Mary Elizabeth said..) You have like 8 Specials books! And a billion other ones!

  7. Bethany-la on #

    Lol. You were looking a t your husbands books. Oh and I love the shparkly ones.

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