Cricket weather & the Littlest MorM and Magic Lessons

I was just sent notification that Wunderground now has a cricket weather page. We can all check out what the weather is for any ICC game in the world. Ordinarily I ignore any such advertising but this one’s actually cool and useful.1 I’m also chuffed that my intermittent nattering about cricket is on anyone’s radar.

Sadly, it does not have the weather for any women’s international matches. Including the current world’s cup where shockingly the English women are ahead at the moment. NOES!!! Also it gives the weather in both sensible Celsius and the other weird temperature measurement scale. Why? No one who follows cricket knows or cares what that F nonsense is about. Honestly.2

In even more important news (and not a total segue for cricket gets a passing mention in the first book of the trilogy) I now has six copies of the Japanese edition of Magic or Madness and Magic Lessons. They are tiny! I adores them. They are the smallest books ever to have my name on them. It is ridiculous how excited I am by their teeny tininess and yet I am.

Here they are with the US hardcovers for scale:

So. Adorable.

  1. I have learned that the temperature in the world of cricket is much better than it is here. So. Not. Fair. Not that I didn’t already know that. []
  2. All comments from people claiming to follow cricket and the F nonsense will be deleted because you’re clearly lying. []


  1. Patrick on #

    [Comment deleted because of insanity on part of Patrick.]

  2. Patrick on #

    [Patrick resents insanity and prefers to be called eccentric.]

  3. Julie on #

    [More insanity. This time from Julie. Deleted by blog overlord]

  4. Patrick on #

    [Patrick thinks Julie is also eccentric and blog overlord needs some tea.]

  5. Dave H on #

    Why does the weather forecast for Port of Spain say “Warm with a chance of English humiliation”?

    (I won’t mention the F/C debate, because I don’t want my post to be deleted!)

  6. Justine on #

    Dave H: Because that makes everyone happy. Including the English. Oh, how they loves the humiliation.

  7. Rachel on #

    [Another insane comment deleted by the blog overlord]

  8. yza on #

    I might be crazy too; I do not care if the temperature is [blasphemy deleted]. I just care if it is warm enough. Also, I would not mind a little English humiliation.

  9. Amber on #

    Wow. I like those book covers better than the US ones! The hardcovers (which I read, couldn’t find the paperback) are big though!

  10. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    [Commenter sensors her own temperature measurement related remark involving an in familiarity with a certain set of numbers.]

    But, that’s just me.


  11. Joey-la on #

    Wow! I really love those Japanese covers!
    One of my friends is Japanese and all her books are tiny! It’s amazing! 😀

  12. simmone on #

    they are very VERY adorable (and the second one is also a mite tropical!)

  13. Amber on #

    I unreservedly accept humiliation on this blog on behalf of my countrymen. Look on my humility, ye mighty, and laugh meanly like the big bullies you are.

  14. Justine on #

    Amber: How can we be big bullies? Australia has a third of the population of the UK. We is little country.

  15. Amber on #

    Yeah, but you are all taller and better looking and more tanned and healthy and laugh louder and play sport better and get the hottest girlfriend. It’s not the size of your population, but what you do with it. Australia is the coolest kid in the global schoolyard and you know it. Why do you think so many of us ex-pats end up over there?

  16. Justine on #

    Amber: You may be living over there but you’re clearly not paying attention. Don’t you know that TANNING IS SKIN CELLS IN TRAUMA?! Tanned does not equal healthy. You’ll never get citizenship if you keep this up!

  17. Patrick on #

    It’s all healthy if the temperature is Karen White.

    [Patrick is still eccentric]

  18. H on #

    I love those Japanese covers so much! Do you know who the cover artist is?

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