Juvenilia panel

As many of you know the first-ever NYC Teen Author Festival (March 16-22, 2009) starts in two days. There are many fabulous, wonderful events. Make sure you check out the full schedule over here. But as far as I’m concerned there’s only one event that’s unmissable:

You really need to hear just how bad our writing once was. But here’s what John Scalzi had to say after moderating our last juvenilia panel:

    “I was hitting my head on the table to stop the pain.”

How could you miss such an event? Don’t you want to heckle the badness? Laugh until you cry? Vote on who is the worst writer of all?

It really is worth ducking out of work early, skipping basketball/band practice, or whatever other thing that’s currently getting in your way. You know you want to mock us. You know you want to see how very very bad writing can be.

See all you New Yorkers Monday at 4PM in Tompkins Square Park Library!

P.S. I’m especially looking forward to Alaya’s contribution which was even stored in a purple folder.


  1. Steph on #

    Oh, I feel like I’m missing out. Anything similar to happen in Aus?

  2. Justine on #

    Actually, the very first juvenilia panel I ever did was organised by Kim Wilkins and Sean Williams and took place in Brisbane maybe three years ago. So Australia got there first.

  3. khy on #

    Ack, I wish I could come to this one, but I won’t be in NYC until Thursday.

  4. Adele on #

    Any chance this will be podcasted?

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