In a dancing kind of mood

Everything today was wonderful. Just everything. Especially my book launch. Thank you, all! Especially Lili and Jodie for your blush-making speeches, and Readings in Carlton for hosting, and all my wonderful friends for coming along to cheer HTDYF‘s official appearance in Australia. And all the people I don’t even know. Bless!

Thanks to everyone who’s written after my Melbourne events. I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to reply. Hopefully on my return to Sydney but more likely when I’m in NYC. But I just wanted to let you all know that I SO appreciate your wonderful letters. And, no, being a good speller is not necessary if you want to be a writer. Though it’s not a bad thing either!

For those who were asking, HTDYF should now be available in book shops far and wide across this fair land. And if they don’t have it—demand to know why not! Or alternatively buy Simmone Howell’s Everything Beautiful which rocks.

I leave you with this Alien Onion post on parallel importation, which links to many profound, beautiful, and smart submissions on publishing in Australia. You should especially read Tim Winton’s piece.

And now I will dance towards bed.

Tomorrow = Perth.


  1. Tim on #

    I’m going to a book store tomorrow and looking to see if they have it. If not, there will be demanding.

    I also recently discovered that my uni has The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction at the library, so I may be borrowing that out as well…

  2. Adrienne Vrettos on #

    Yay, that sounds like a totally wonderfully magical day! Such a great adventure for you to be on – enjoy!

  3. Justine on #

    Tim: Yay, on your demanding self.

    You do know that Battle of the Sexes was my Phd thesis, right? That’s all I’m saying . . .

    Adrienne: Thank you so much!

  4. simmone on #

    au revoir justine! It was excellent!

  5. Jessica on #

    I was there! I’m one of the “people you don’t even know” who was at your launch, dressed shabbily and applauding loudly and smiling broadly!

    I was too shy to stick around and say hello, but everyone did a great job with the speechifying, and you looked so pretty – were those the famous Larbalestier boots I saw, peeking out from underneath your long black skirt? Although you were more dressed up than the rest of the Melbourne peeps, you looked like you belonged because you were all in black. Dressing all in black is very Melbourne.

    I had the chance to have a browse through a copy of How to Ditch Your Fairy before the launch, and I’ll definitely buy it – next Wednesday is pay day, hooray!

    All the best with the rest of your events, Justine.

  6. Tim on #

    Yeah I did know that. But I’m doing a lot of literature/media stuff as part of an English major (which has already included studying some sci-fi) so I thought it might be useful.

  7. Amber on #

    I hate the thought of being one of those worshippy people who believes everything is ambrosia and gold dust and pixie wings if it comes from the pen of a particular person (in this case, yes, yer Tim Winton), because it smacks of lacking critical faculties, but. In this case, I am that person. Fingers crossed for the outcome of all this parallel importing saga.

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