New York City has gone nuts

Outside my window people are screaming, honking their horns, dancing in the streets. There have been fireworks and an impromptu bonfire.1

Barack Hussein Obama is president of the United States of America and NYC rejoices.

Me too.

  1. Which kind of went awry. The fire department showed up within seconds to set things right. Yay, FDNY! []


  1. Tim on #

    Haha, I thought Maureen (Johnson) was exaggerating a little bit but it seems not!

    I was watching the telly though and I really wish I could have been in Seattle today to partake in the festivities. Or really anywhere in America! I’m so happy though. Really, indescribably happy!

  2. Mahek on #

    YAY!! Another yay that I’m not American!

    But Obama is still better than Palin!

  3. lulu on #

    yay! joy! happiness! usa = good!

  4. cathy on #

    Things were similarly enthusiastic here in DC. There was a spontaneous demonstration of Obama supporters at the White House and U street pretty much turned into a giant block party.

  5. Justine on #

    Cathy: It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Today lots of people are saying “Happy Obama day!”

  6. Kate Egan on #

    It’s been so crazy here in Philly– with the Phillies winning and Barack winning, we’ve had at least 3 or 4 riots in the past two weeks crowding the length of Broad street. It’s been so exhilarating seeing history in progress with such enthusiasm propelling it.

  7. Bethany on #

    I know! In school today, the first thing everybody said was “Yay! He won! Thank god!”. So excited, we were even giving “Obama Hugs,” and I danced down my street today. Yay America!

  8. pixelfish on #

    Apparently there was an impromptu street party up the hill from me here in Seattle–if I’d only left my house and headed up the street, I would have run smack into it. But I was too busy tearing up over the acceptance speech and the promised First Puppy and Obama calling Michelle his best friend and stuff like that. Basically I was running a three way chat with my boyfriend and my friend in Oregon about how awesome we find the whole Obama family and how cute a First Family they will be.

  9. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    When I lived in Bensonhurst, during the World Cup, every time Italy won, the whole neighborhood broke out in parades up and down the block (I lived right off of 18th). It was terrifying. When they won the whole shebang, the whole place pretty much exploded.

    Wish I’d been there for the Obama win!

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