My husband = teh crazy

Scott did it!

He bravely responded to Lauren Myracle’s dare and faced his worst fear.1 And, um, well, go see for yourself. Yes, that is me you hear laughing. C’mon, wouldn’t you have laughed?

I can’t believe he did that . . .

I seriously can’t believe it.

  1. As, um, I did not. Not because I’m more cowardly than Scott but because I’m busier! My books don’t write themselves, you know! Okay, neither do Scott’s, but my book’s trickier than his! Honest. []


  1. Brent on #

    You should do the dare. It’ll be fun! If you won’t do YOUR worst fear, pick someone else’s and make them do yours!

  2. AFAZ on #

    It was really ridiculously amazing. I was actually watching it before I came over here, and was like “Hey, is that Justine?” And then I changed tabs and read this and was like “HAHA IT WAS.”
    And you should most definitely do it.

  3. Stephanie on #

    That was awesome, and I laughed like a loon. I had the exact same experience with the shell-shaped soaps my grandmother kept in her (pink) bathroom… and come to think of it, I don’t much like rose-scented things, either.

  4. Justine on #

    Scott’s been dead pleased to discover that he is not alone on this subject. Me, I love Turkish Delight.

  5. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    I can’t believe he actually bit a CHUNK out of the soap. A CHUNK. Crazy man.

  6. maggie on #

    i love the word ‘frippery’ 🙂

    bouncing round i found your page and like your jaunty style 😉

    i’m a dork. i said jaunty.

    i’m a writer, working on my second novel, and lurve reading about other writer’s daily jangles.

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