It’s just wrong

Even though I am much better at writing novels than I’ve ever been before it’s still insanely hard. Actually, it’s MUCH harder than it used to be when I didn’t realise how hard it was. Why? It makes NO sense!

Right now, stuck in the middle of rewriting the Liar novel, I have the distinct sense that I’ve exceeded my skill set. I simply don’t have the writerly chops to get this book to where it needs to be. Yet tragically, the only way I can get to the level of skill I need to be at is to, well, rewrite this book.

Did your head just explode? I know mine did.

To make me feel better I think you should all go to Holly Black’s blog and vote for her to watch Shaun of the Dead. She is afraid of zombies and attempting to conquer her fears. Let’s make her do it! Her other options, quite frankly, are deeply lame.

You will watch Shaun of the Dead, Holly, oh yes, you will!


  1. Christabel on #

    Oh, Shaun of the Dead must be watched.
    Whether you fear zombies or love them, it’s an undeniably good movie.

  2. Karen on #

    You can do it! The book is already phenomenal, and you made it that way. I think you’re better than you know, so trust your instincts and keep at it.

  3. sylvia_rachel on #

    I wrote a whole long comment and then decided it would be icky to hijack the thread.

    So I’ll just say three things:

    1. I am confident that the final product will rock, and I look forward to reading it!

    2. I know exactly how you feel — I’m having serious doubts about the thing I’m writing at the moment, and the people in my head just will not shut up about their backstories, which makes it both difficult to keep writing and impossible to quit :P.

    3. Of course everyone should watch Shaun of the Dead!!

  4. Lauren on #

    You’re not alone, Justine. I fluctuate wildly between almost incomprehensible genius and laughable buffoonery. Somehow the books get done. Any time for a week-long break to clear your head? Maybe watch some zombie flicks?

  5. Miriam on #

    Here, I send you a sympathy vibe. Lauren’s comment on incomprehensible genius and laughable buffoonery describes my current writing project perfectly.

    I voted for Shaun of the Dead, though I admit to watching it with my husband, who had already seen it, and told me where all the really gory parts were so I could hide.

  6. Steve Buchheit on #

    Experience, it’s what you get just after you needed it. And to paraphrase, “But a writer’s reach should exceed their grasp, or what’s an editor for?” You’re over-thinking it, which is why it’s getting harder.

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