I wish

There was a way to do a book tour that didn’t involve having to get into a car . . .

This is my day of rest in between Michigan and Ohio/Kansas City. I plan to sleep till Sunday. Well, I will do that right after I go and see what Hollywood has done to Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s fabulous Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. My fingers are crossed for fabulosity.

You (what live where it is showing) should all go see it too. Who knows? If Nick and Norah does well there might be even more adaptations of YA novels. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?


  1. Jane on #

    I entered the contest!!! 🙂

  2. Karen on #

    Don’t know how it will hold up to the book but I hear the movie is good! Hope you enjoy it… I’ll be catching it soon too. (Oh, and the tv version of Gossip Girl has degenerated into total schmaltz, so I can’t even half-heartedly champion it anymore. Books rule.)

  3. Liset on #

    yeah… it’s not the best movie in the world
    the funniest stuff was in the previews i think..
    we had an early showing on my campus,
    which was cool (cause it was free!)
    but it was kinda over the top…

  4. genevieve on #

    Good luck with your travelling, J. It is kinda rough considering you are a top writer/blogger.
    A little while back the ‘virtual book tour’ was in vogue, but I don’t think it’s really taken off yet.

  5. Lenore on #

    Wow – ohio/kansas city all at once? That’s quite a magic trick 😉

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