1. atthecross on #

    thats just plain nasty, not to mention sexist. ugh.

  2. Cecilieaux on #

    I hope you’ve seen the Daily Show on this.

  3. Serafina Zane on #

    I feel the exact same way about this all. It just seems like such a blatant grab for a “token minority”. Disgusting, really. Because, as everyone knows, women will blindly vote for other women no matter what thier respective opinions.
    I don’t want this in my history books. I want someone who worked for it and worked up to it, whether they agree with me on various issues or not. I don’t want someone who was unknown until 2 months before the election brought in as a vote-grab. I don’t want our first woman president (or vice president, but seriously, the president thing is a very real possibility) to be by default.

  4. Adrienne V on #

    It’s just so insulting to everyone involved, including Sarah Palin. Not to mention that she seems like a truly dangerous individual, politically speaking.

  5. Gabrielle on #

    Exactly. Just because she’s a woman. I don’t know about you, but I’d never heard of Sarah Palin before this. Whereas anyone who followed the elections from the beginning know Joe Biden and his positions. But she’s a woman of course everyone’ll vote for her!

  6. Haddy-la on #

    it really makes me feel happy that out extremly old potential presedint would chose an unexperienced person just because she was a woman. way to have guts macain

  7. Patrick on #

    It always makes me uncomfortable when someone selects me because I am a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the money/honor, but still…

    It doesn’t matter why they open the door, only what you do when you run through it.

  8. Lunamoth on #

    I truly hope that most people see it for the ruse that it is. I mean, it’s blatantly obvious what he’s *trying* with that VP selection, isn’t it?

  9. claire on #

    it’s not just because she’s a woman. there were plenty of women they could have chosen. but this one is young, a multiple mother, has a down syndrome kid, is good-looking (or so they tell me), is RABIDLY antichoice, has a niftily athletic husband, and absolutely NO history of threatening men politically whatsoever.

    and she’s a woman.

  10. Haddy-la on #

    claire your so well informed to bad there waas no experiance to mention on your list…

  11. Brent on #

    I would dearly love to live in a world where results and accomplishments are what defines a person. But I live in one where superficialities do instead.

    Male/female, this-race/that-race, pretty/ugly, young/old, fat/athletic, rich/poor. Books are one of the better fields actually. I can picture finding a bestseller by a poor, ugly, fat, old writer (kinda hoping actually, since that fits me). But can you see picture a chart-topping song by the same person? A hit TV show? A great movie? A clothing or perfume line?

    Kudos to you for turning it down Justine. I don’t know if I’d have the strength to turn down a publishing opportunity if somebody called and said “we need a story by an ugly fat guy.” 🙂

  12. Patrick on #

    It’s not a ruse. She was also picked because her views closely match McCain’s and she has experience dealing with oil companies and though right up against the border, she has never invaded Canada. I don’t know if any of these things are good things, but I’m sure they played as much a part as her being a woman.

    Whether or not they actually let her have a voice and a role after the election would be the interesting thing. Especially if she disagrees with something.

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