I got nothing

Well, I got lots of things but a couple of them are embargoed. [[Kicks embargos]] And most of them are all about the book I am currently writing (more than 70 thou words now) which is deadly dull to anyone other than the person what’s writing the book, which would be me.

Ordinarily I would demand that you lot entertain me, but seeing as at the moment I only emerge from the bunker to have a brief squiz at the internets for a few minutes of every day . . . So how about you entertain yourselves?

Or something.

I returns to bunker. Is happy there. Warm. Filled with writing vitamins. Mmmm . . . bunker.


  1. Maree on #

    Aww, demanding we entertain you, ain’t that selfish? Haha, just kiddin. In fact, we probably owe ya for the books. XD
    So, approximatley when does your next book come out? I’m constantly on the hunt for new books – I go thru them swift as lightning. Not even my dad can compete :).
    Over and out!

  2. Hillary! on #

    Circle K is just down the hill, but Dom doesn’t want to go buy ice cream with me so I highjacked her Mac.

  3. Liset on #


  4. Patrick on #

    Yes, sadly the Wurmple wasn’t nearly as exciting as I hoped. I mean, it evolved into a Beautifly. A Dustox would have been cooler.

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