Another reason books are teh devil

Just when you’re approaching the end of one book and you really must give that book all your time and all your brain, another one comes along and starts insisting you write it instead.

This is WRONG and must stop. IMMEDIATELY.

Bugger off, stupid new book. GO AWAY!


  1. Jen Hendren on #

    That is exactly where I’m at right now. I love/hate those pesky new books. *growls at it* Go away.

  2. emily on #

    and what really sucks is that when you have time to write the pesky new book it gives you trouble.


  3. Iris Messenger on #

    i -hate- it when that happens, whenever I’m trying to actually finish something for once …

  4. Serafina Zane on #

    Ah, the lack of focus. My fatal flaw. And the reason I’ve been saying “Yeah, I’m nearly at the end of my vampire punks who have one werewolf friend story” for about three months.
    In my defense, it’s hard to write. *whingey five year-old*

    But new project! So shiny!

    Also, i use the evil excuse that “You know, I’m nearly done with that other story, and I finished my primary project a month ago and am slowly revising, so I can start some of those new ideas I’ve been suppressing, to keep up my current level of projects.”
    Which ends with me never finishing and 20x as much to do as before. *sigh*

  5. Patrick on #

    So, what’s teh NEW book about? Does it have a title that we can guess at?

  6. Julia Rios on #

    ::offers virtual mangosteen::

  7. Kelly McCullough on #

    lol for a pointed truth. And you can’t even drive them off with a pointed stick. What if they didn’t come back?

  8. beth on #

    Heh…I just finished a manuscript a few weeks ago and am editing it. Now I’m begging my mind to come up with a new idea because I HATE editing!!

  9. Corey J Feldman on #

    I wish that only happened to me at the end!

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