Time is running out

If you would like me to name a character (or something) after you in my next novel you’d better hurry up and bid. I mean, if you can afford it. The bidding is now at—I swear I am not making this up—US$150.

You have until one minute past midnight on 15 July USA Pacific time to place your bids.

There are also many other amazing things up for auction. Including a map that Tamora Pierce put together for her book Trickster’s Queen. The bidding for it is currently at US$175. Personally, I think it’s worth more.

There are also all sorts of fabulous goodies over there: care packages from all over, baked goods, an astonishing array of most excellent things and services. Some haven’t been bid on! Some are going for silly cheap! You should get over there and bid!

All money goes to fight those who are against love and want to stop gay and lesbian marriage in California.


  1. elodie on #

    oh man oh man I would love to buy either of those two… sigh, if only I had the money to idly spend 😛

  2. rebecca on #

    ditto, elodie. 😀 but wow, whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS.

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