Charlie haz face!

And now that she has a face I’m even happier with the cover than I was before and, let me tell you, I was pretty happy. But now she’s not only escaped the headless woman curse, it’s also clear that she bears a bit of a resemblance to Leilani Mitchell of the New York Liberty, who looks exactly how I imagine Charlie would look if she wasn’t, you know, imaginary:

Copyright 2008 NBAE. Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images


  1. cuileann on #

    YAY! Go Charlie! I’m so glad she escaped!

  2. Cat Sparks on #

    I am so glad she has a face. Cos those headless woman covers shit me big time.

  3. Rachel on #

    I’m pleased to see that she has a face, but I’m terribly concerned about that right arm. Perhaps she has an extra shoulder-joint that is explained in the story?

  4. Jessica on #

    Oh this is much better! I like this a lot.

    I’ve never liked faceless covers. Reading books i don’t think i’ve ever tried to picture myself as a character so i find it silly that they keep doing this.

  5. rebecca on #

    awesome! 😀

  6. Liset on #

    On why Justine’s books ROCKL:
    I have recently reread her magic trilogy,
    so I now consider myself a pro at aussie slang!
    And now that I’m on the last episode of Lost season 1,
    (In two days cause It’s free on! yay!
    and I’m in a new city all by myself…)
    I TOTALLy understood why the australian lady said “Ta!”
    I now feel so versatile and diverse!
    Thank you, Justine!
    Thank you very much.

    I am also now considering picking Australia for junior year of study abroad.
    Because they speak English mostly…

    I just had to share this with you,
    I was very excited!

    Oh, and I like Charlie’s bracelets!

  7. the dragonfly on #

    fabulous!! i love it 🙂

  8. Delia on #

    I’m so glad. I hate partially-faced covers. Plus, she’s not blonde! Hooray!

  9. Eric Luper on #

    When’s fairy getting face? No fair!!!

  10. hillary! on #

    Tis why I love the covers of Uglies. I love having faces, I can usually make up faces for them, but it makes my brain happier when the publishers do it for me. And if Charlie looks like Leilani that is even way more jokez.

  11. Dave Hogg on #

    The next time the Liberty are here, I am *so* getting Leilani to autograph a copy of the book. 🙂

  12. Patrick on #

    That cover seems to be missing something though…

    Oh yeah.


  13. jennifer, aka literaticat on #


  14. Liset on #

    Did anyone notice that this new cover is showing less skin between the tank top and jeans then the last cover?

  15. caitlin on #

    I bet Maureen Johnson’s headless girls are so jealous. I love the full facial cover.

  16. Gina on #

    Her arm is funny.

  17. pamelalibrarian on #

    I don’t get the questions about her arm. Neither arm looks funny to me.
    Liset – I did notice less skin on the new cover. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall during the discussion of the new cover. Was it a man or a woman who decided to show less skin (my guess – a woman!).

  18. Carrie R. on #

    I never would have noticed the less skin, was too mesmerized with the face! Yay for faces!

  19. Stacy on #

    YAY! Faces are important! I ranted about the headless girls last year. My feminist self gets distressed. Charlie looks great. btw, the book was fab as well!

  20. little willow on #

    Hello, Charlie! So nice to see you.
    Hurrah for the new cover, which offers more face, less tummy!

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