1. veejane on #

    It’s an illusion! Those teeny tiny short-shorts bathing suits just make people look bigger by contrast.

  2. Skott Klebe on #

    We’ll get right on that. You know how competitive Americans are.


  3. rebecca on #

    zomg. i seriously thought that was an honor only americans would ever have. 😉 my hometown is the number three most obese city in the u.s. yeah. go us.

    happy first day of summer! 😀

  4. David Moles on #

    oh, man! I gotta start hitting the oreos and the buffalo shrimp!

  5. hillary! on #

    But…you guys have less people that makes no sense. Did they factor that into their calculations? Well, I’m off to eat me a Cheescake Factory chocolate fudge sumfink or other cheesecake. 😉

  6. Iris on #

    *sits on ouch with computer and bag of potato chips and cheesecake and ice cream and soda and …*

    I agree with Scott Klebe … Americans will get right on fixing -that- statistic …

  7. capt. cockatiel on #

    It’s only by one percent, America will catch up soon enough… ;o

  8. Laini Taylor on #

    Wow. I thought we had that title sewn up! Your pride reminds me of mine, when I learned that my own state (Oregon) led the nation in hunger and unemployment. I actually AM kind of proud that we have the least churches per capita, though. Hurray for the godless!

  9. Leeland on #

    Really? Wow, that’s kinda surprising, considering it gets pretty hot there. You’d think everyone would sweat it off. Hmm. You shouldn’t worry though Justine! We all know you’re perfectly in shape! =) I agree with the people who say America is gonna catch up. *Sits down with strawberry newtons*

  10. hillary! on #

    WOW! Is that really true about Oregon?

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