Brief note to the lurkers and newbies as well as general excuses

In the last few weeks there’s been quite a bit of delurkification as well as some new commenters. Ordinarily I would respond in the comments and welcome you personally but, well, I has deadline. And book for deadline is scary and complicated and not genre and I may be out of my depth and um,


But I hate to be rude and I love to see new folks here. So,


To everyone else: sorry for not responding as much even though I read all your comments,1 also for being months and months behind with email, for not having done that thing I promised I’d do for you, and for generally being as slack as, um, a very slack person.

Book comes first! Before hygiene, friends, nutrition, changing polls, health, admin and pleasure. Is just how it is.

  1. Except for the ones about USian gridiron. Boring. []


  1. Patrick on #



    USians gridiron boring….

    You probably prefer Backgammon to Chess, too… Pfaugh!

  2. Tina Lee on #

    I am a lurker–now commenting. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I look forward to reading your books when I finally have time in MY novel-writing process. Right now I just spend time procrastinating with your products of procrastination. Thanks for your wisdom, levity, and letting me lurk. Best of luck with your deadline.

  3. Patrick on #

    It just dawned on me that I am in Manhattan which puts my proximity to my proposed fight too close for comfort.

    I hear by rescind my challenge in order to protect myself from getting forked up.

  4. Iris on #

    hee hee, i’m one of them lurkers … i think i’ve been following this blog for six months … hmmm …

  5. hillary! on #

    I am so not a lurker. I love Justine and must let her know by commenting whenever possible, letting her know that I am her faithful follower to the end.

  6. Nicholas Waller on #

    Apropos of nothing in particular, I arrived in San Francisco a few days ago and this evening passed by a restaurant in Larkin by the name of Mangosteen, but I know nothing else of it in particular and indeed mangosteens in general; the very little I do know (and I originally thought they were made up) comes from this blog.

  7. cuileann on #

    Oh, delurkification! What a great word!

    I offer my WELCOME and HELLO to current and former lurkers as well!

  8. Penelope Gray on #

    *lurk lurk lurk*


    I love you Justine!

  9. Joe on #

    As a longtime lurker and infrequent commenter, gotta say, you have nothing to fret over.

    You roll out the welcome mat every time you drop a quip or share your aussie angst over being a long way from home.

    You are honest and forthright and noble and kind and you make us laugh and think. I should hope that’s quite enough.

    And don’t wring your hands too violently over a pending deadline / non-genre book. In over your head?!? Not so.

    The simple fact that you’re spooked will probably lend a bit more fire and shadow to the places and people in your story. You may be stitchin’ them together a bit differently this time, but the words and people, the thread and fabric of your story–haven’t changed.

    Still mortar and bricks. The house just shaped a bit different, that be it.

    Go get ’em. We’ll all have a big chat when you’ve finished.

    *retiring back to the shadows of lurkerdom…which in this case would be the kitchen for a bowl of Capt’n Crunch…*

  10. Amy on #

    Hey Justine,

    I’m a longtime lurker, second time poster (the first was on mosquito lore).


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