Made my day

Cricket Buzz just named its top 51 cricket blogs and I’m on the list!


And also—how embarrassing! I have been very remiss of late when it comes to cricket blogging. I mean I haven’t mentioned the blessed sport since March and not written anything proper since January. Largely because (for reasons beyond my control) I have not been home since May of last year.1 Thus I have not been immersed in cricket culture and have not been keeping up with things such as the new Twenty20 Indian Premier League. 2

I like the idea of it in theory. But I hate the idea of it as a replacement for Test cricket. That will never happen! Or at least not in my lifetime.

I miss cricket. I must find ways to re-immerse myself. Or, I will, when this book is finished.

  1. Waaaaahhhh!!!!! []
  2. The link is to a NYT article explaining the League which will amuse those of us who know about cricket and hopefully be a clear-ish explanation for those who know nothing. []


  1. Kate Eltham on #

    Have you seen any of the coverage of IPL, Justine? Here in Australia the news and television coverage was something akin to a bunch of sports journalist covering the Eurovision Song Contest. Highly entertaining to say the least!

  2. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Ooh, congrats!

    But does this mean we won’t be seeing that post on the sport of quokkas? I was really looking forward to that one. Go quokkas!


  3. Cheryl on #

    Hey, congratulations!

    If you want a quick way to follow the IPL, I’ve been blogging every game. Of course you will have to put up with my adoration of Warnie, but I’m sure you can cope with that. 🙂

  4. jrod on #

    Regardless of your recent tardy cricket ethic, well done in making the list.

  5. deltay on #

    That’s great, congratulations!

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