Rue de l’Arbalète

The Rue de l’Arbalète is a very fine street in the middle of Paris:

Here is me on the Rue de l’Arbalète being all excited on account of my surname. “Arbalest” is old French for crossbow; “arbalète” is modern French for the same:


  1. Tam-la on #

    Heh, awesome! I’d love to find a street with my maiden name. I doubt there is one.

  2. Corey J Feldman on #

    Cute picture. Paris is so beautiful

  3. Hillary! on #

    HAHAHAHAHA! You are such a nerd! Bt I’m nerdier. I have a whole college named after me. But it’s not a college of interest to me. And yet I get all excited everytime someone has Chapman University sweater.

  4. capt. cockatiel on #

    That’s pretty jokes.
    As far as I know, nothing interesting has my last name in it. Nothing uninteresting has my last name in it, either, actually. >.>

  5. Mike on #

    Hey, Justine, that’s just around the corner from where we stayed! There’s even a cafe l’Arbalete of the same name. I had coffee there and, yes, thought of you. Rue L’Arbalete crosses Rue Mouffetard, an old Roman road. The area also has some fab stencil art, too and the lingering aroma of May ’68.

  6. meeeeeh on #

    Nice. My surname is probably derived from pira, latin for “pear trees”… it’s a bit of a shame to have such a plain surname.

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