Seen in Germany + some news

Look what I saw in an actual bookshop, RavensBuch in Friedrichshafen! Isn’t it gorgeous?:

Yup, it’s the German version of Magic or Madness. It’s even more beautiful in real life. Sigh. The book next to mine (the yellow one) is by John Marsden. Two Aussies together in Germany. I’ve been stunned by how many Aussie books I’ve been seeing in translation on our travels. Oodles of them by the likes of Trudi Canavan, Sara Douglass, Sonya Hartnett, John Marsden, Garth Nix, Marcus Zusak etc., etc. World domination!

Speaking of Germany. Random House Deutschland has just made an offer for How to Ditch Your Fairy. A very enthusiastic offer and they’ll be publishing it in hardcover. I am very happy. I met my German publishers in Bologna and they’re all lovely. Possibly because they’re all named Susanne.

This is the first time one of my books has sold to another market before publication. Very exciting. HTDYF will be out in the US in early September. And I may be sharing the cover with you some time soon . . .


  1. Candy on #

    i love the cover! if only they had this in english with that cover!

  2. robin on #

    That cover is truly sehr schön. And congratulations on German love for HTDYF!

  3. Karen on #

    That’s beautiful! And looks as though that bookstore arranges its books by color (or else the buyer is exclusively stocking covers in blue and yellow/orange).

  4. hereandnow on #

    Congrats on the pre-pub sale to Germany! That’s awesome. Hope you continue to enjoy your travels.

  5. serafina zane on #

    oooooh, cover.

  6. Lauren on #

    Congrats on HTDYF sale. I’m soooo excited to read it.

  7. racheFACE on #

    OMGZ i can’t wait to see the cover!

  8. dragonfly on #

    That’s so great that Germany is printing How to Ditch Your Fairy!! And I’m excited to see the cover…and to read it in September! 😛

  9. kim on #


    maybe by then i can speak enough german to buy a book in german and read it.

  10. kim on #

    my dad is having major surgry tomorrow. please pray for him.

  11. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Oh, wow, I love the theme all those German covers have going. I wish there were more US covers done in that style; it really draws me.


  12. Hillary! on #

    Why do their covers look so much more enticing than ours!

  13. Caryn on #

    Gorgeous! Must be wild to see your books in another language. And congrats on the new deal!

  14. capt. cockatiel on #

    All the covers are so colorful!

    I put How To Ditch Your Fairy on advanced hold at my library… I think that possibly the library system has begun to hate me. I mean, I have another book on hold that doesn’t come out until October. I’m pretty sure they despise my advanced-ness on all Good Books. It’s not my fault that I am too aware of what is going on book-wise in 2008 (and, um, every year…)!
    Pretty much, I think they have resorted to stealing my books. I was the first one with a hold on City of Ashes, and I went to pick it up and it was gone. Taken by some evil library worker (I wasn’t aware that there was such a sort of person?!) or maybe someone else who just hates me/deeply loves Cassanrda Clare… Hrrmmm. Either way, my day was ruined.
    They’d better not steal anything else from me, because I don’t have the sort of money to buy every book that comes out. (Though I usually end up buying books I’ve read from the library anyway.)

  15. suzi on #

    just wondering which john marsden book that is now…

  16. limeywesty on #

    when’s it coming out in Aus?

  17. Justine on #

    Capt Cockatiel: Reading books from the library first is very smart. That way you don’t get stuck with an expensive hardcover you don’t actually like. I’m sorry about the evil Cassandra Clare stealers.

    Suzi: I have no idea. My German is non-existent.

    Limewesty: Dunno. But will announce when I do know.

  18. hillary! on #

    Capt. Cockatiel: That is why you become best friends with the YA librarians at your public library. That’s the way Juliene, Amy and I work. We reccomend books to each other all the time, and I am never left wanting. Even when I think I’ll never find another awesome author, or book, Juliene is always there to reccomend another one that will totally throw me for a spin. And that way you always know when you’re books are gonna be ready for you.
    Except Juliene did the most awful thing last December. I really badly wanted to read The Underwood See, but she wouldn’t let me because I was going on vacation and she wanted to read it too and since I was gonna be gone for two weeks she decided it was for the best if she kept it. But it’s all coolio now , because I got The Lost Queen before Amy did.

  19. serafina zane on #

    funny thing about that, Capt. Cockatiel…my mom works at the library, right? i get her to steal books for me arly all the time.

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