Bologna (updated)

We are in Bologna at the Children’s Book Fair. There are five of us in a tower flat. Me, Scott, Holly, Cassie and Maureen. We are the Tower Gang.

So far we have eaten really good food, gossiped and walked under many porticoes. Tomorrow the fair starts and we meet our non-English language publishers. And we eat more good food.

My life is so very hard.

Update: Fine. Here have some photos. Courtesy of Maureen, which is why she is not in them. I will remedy that later.


  1. Dave H on #

    Our hearts bleed for you, dear.


  2. coe booth on #

    Oh man, Justine. I wish I were there with you guys, walking around, gossiping, meeting my non-English language publishers…

    Oh, wait. I don’t HAVE any non-English language publishers!

    Well, I could enjoy the good food, anyway!

    Have fun. Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

  3. jessiegirl on #

    sadly i am not in italy this week, but i could dream about it better if you shared some pictures of you and the scooby gang.

  4. Caryn on #

    Oh, yes, Justine. Sounds like you are indeed suffering. My greatest sympathies on having to spend time with good friends, eat fantastic food, and see new sights. Poor dear. 😉

  5. Danica on #

    That is an excellent picture of you and Scott.

  6. Gabrielle on #

    Sigh. Hope you guys are having fun. 🙂

  7. Moose on #

    everyone is wearing black or dark blue…anyway, sounds like a lot of fun

  8. khy on #

    All the buildings are so…orange. Or red.

    Hope you guys are having unbelievable amounts of fun.

  9. Katerate on #

    That looks… unreal.

    …The street is too clean.

  10. David Moles on #

    I love those freaky retractable bollards.

  11. hillary! on #

    Is Scott your leader, because he seems to be at the front of every picture.
    and what is a retractable bollard?
    and what is Scott doing to that cabost thingy. Is he trying to make it levitate?
    And you look very mischeivous (sp?).

  12. Shloopy on #

    Those cylindrical things are really creepy. I was in D.C., and a police car pulled in front of a row of those before a museum. The guy in the car signaled for something and the posts all went down into the ground! It was completely surreal.

    So, are navy and/or black your gang colors? 😉

  13. David Moles on #

    hillary!, the cylindrical thing is a retractable bollard. they block the road and then lower themselves into the ground when a vehicle with the right kind of magic remote comes along. it’s mostly just a high-tech version of the old-fashioned removable kind (google “bollard padlock”), but much creepier when you’re not expecting it.

  14. hillary! on #

    OMF! That is so cool! And I did try to google it, but…those websites have been websensed by my school! If you ask me, that is completely ridiculous because that is totally educational.
    Now I get Scott’s pic.

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