Novel hints

hillary! wanted a hint as to what the new novel is about. I will give you three:

  1. The working title is a song by an all-girl band from the nineties. The title (and song) pretty much covers what the novel is about.
  2. There have been many hints in previous posts. You just have to find them. Hint: there is a one click way to do so.
  3. There are no witches or fairies in it. Is my first stab at realism. All those teachers and idiots friends of mine who’ve been after me to read/write “proper” books will be dead happy. The thought of making them happy, of course, really annoys me. I’m still trying to figure out how to sneak some fantasy elements in. So far it’s not working out. Curses!

Hope that helps. Actually, no I don’t. Cause it’s so early in the life of this novel—I only have twenty thousand words—that I don’t want to be sharing too much. Might break it. Is tender delicate plant needing extra gentle care or will curl up and die.

Let us speak of something else. Oh, look, over there: giant flying woolly squirrels!

London, 25 March 2008, 6:16PM.


  1. Eric Luper on #

    Since I doubt your working title is “Walk Like an Egyptian” or “We got the Beat,” my vote is:

    “It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer” by Bananarama

    Oh wait…those are all songs from the 80s.


  2. Katerate on #

    When you say all girl band combined with 90’s, all I can think is Spice Girls.

    If you wannabe my lovah, you gotta get with my friendsss.
    Mm, girl!

  3. marrije on #

    naaah. walk like an egyptian. that must be it. and don’t tell me that was from the eighties – henceforth i will think of justine’s new novel being about luscious susanna something doing crazy-lovely dance bits.

  4. Justine on #

    You is all wrong. And not just wrong but massively off-track. Yay! I win!

  5. Suzanne on #

    Hmm . . . since you said ‘band’ rather than ‘group’, I’m thinking of riot grrrls. Hole?

  6. Patrick on #

    So it’s 4 Non-blondes – What’s Up?

    And it is all about trying to climb that great big hill of hope?
    For a destination?


  7. Kelly G. on #

    Well, obviously it’s Sleater-Kinney, “Things You Say”. Obviously.

  8. O.G.N on #

    That would be Stay with Shakespear’s Sister of course. Shouldn’t really be to difficult to get some fanatsy elements in that one.

    You better hope and pray that you’ll make it safe back to your own world. You better hope and pray that you’ll wake one day in your own world …

  9. Dave H. on #

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately thought of “Walk Like an Egyptian” and Banananananananarama.

    Given Justine’s new boots, though, I think the new novel must be “Cowboy Take Me Away”. I’m sure J is a huge Dixie Chicks fan.

  10. KT Horning on #

    It’s gotta be “Capri Pants” by Bikini Kill.

  11. dragonfly on #

    reading everyone’s comments has me cracking up…and of course now i’ll have “walk like and egyptian” stuck in my head for days…


  12. Justine on #

    And me, I remain content that none of youse is even close. My secret is safe!

  13. Laura on #

    The Breeders? Indigo Girls? TLC? Destiny’s Child? Dixie Chicks? Wilson Phillips? En Vogue?

    I think we need a hint here. Is it an actual girl band with instruments or more like a girl group with just singers?

  14. Justine on #

    Laura: You’ve all had masses of hints. There will be no more.

  15. Gary B. Phillips on #

    I immediately thought of Veruca Salt. I think they were an all girl band… I’d guess that the song/title is Seether.

  16. Carie on #

    all i can think is These Boots Were Made for Walking. but i stink so much at music that i don’t even know who sang it and when!

  17. Kadie-Wa on #

    Sweet! Sounds cool….

  18. Gary B. Phillips on #

    And obviously, the new novel is something about lying and DNA and maybe even aliens… At least, that’s what I gather from her “one click” hint. Of course, this goes against my Veruca Salt/Seether theory.

    Let’s start focusing in on songs from the nineties by all girl bands that have something to do with lying, okay?

    Okay, I’m taking off my Internet Detective Hat now…

  19. Dave H. on #

    I was on the lying/DNA track last night, but my brain has now been stuck on “Sweet Little Lies” for 12 hours, and Fleetwood Mac isn’t an all-girl band *or* from the 1990s.

  20. KT Horning on #

    OMG, Carie, how could you forget Nancy Sinatra and her white go-go boots?

    Okay, so maybe it’s just me…

  21. hillary! on #

    I can’t think of any! My father was into punk and grunge! ARGH! The girliest music I listened to as a kid was No Doubt, and that was because of my mammi!
    And why is it that Justine always forgets an ‘L’ in my name?

  22. Justine on #

    hillary!: And why is it that Justine always forgets an ā€˜Lā€™ in my name?

    Fixed. To answer your question:

    A) Yours is not the only name I misspell.

    B) See this post.

  23. emily beth on #

    OMG Justine!!!! I know it!!!!!!!!! It involves lodgers, lying and lie detectors, and DNA race testing. To know how i know this, click on the “next novel” tag.

    Am I right? I am. I’m amazing. šŸ™‚

  24. Ammy on #

    It must be something by Shampoo.
    Trouble? Blisters and Bruises?

    Or maybe “Girl Power”?

  25. cei cei on #

    why is the thing I immediately thought of……. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

    o maybe because i loved that cd with a passion! šŸ˜€

    so my question is english or amerian pop group?

  26. hillary! on #

    I know what the book is. I have it figured out. And you were right Justine, it was just one click away. Well, actually more like 5 or ten. But still I am convinced I know what it is!

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