And now London

Rome was unbelievably wonderful especially the food. A friend of mine spent four months in Italy and gained around three kilos—I think I managed that in one week. Excellent!

I am at work on a post about the fabulous food we ate and a number of others—including another writing one1—but work on my next novel has got in the way of finishing them. Stupid novel! Not to mention the erraticness of our internet access. But, soon, my pretties, soon!

In the meantime I’m exhausted but happy: there’s cricket on the tellie. All’s right with the world. And even though England’s doing kind of okay I still think the Kiwis are a possibility. Those are only flesh wounds!

London, 24 March 2008, 11:12PM.

  1. See? I do listen to you. You ask that I blog it and blog it I will. []


  1. dragonfly on #

    write the novel!! can’t wait for new novels!! 😛

    i was in antwerp, belgium for a few days last week and the food was excellent there, too.

    i’m jealous of you in london. hope you have a good time!!

  2. limeywesty on #

    Have fun in London, but I’m more envious of Rome. I love gelati icecream! In Rome, because we were on holidays, we had icecream for dessert after every meal or so… My favourite is Limoncello and the Italian strawberry (the word begins with an f but I can’t remember what it is at the present). I’m glad you’re holiday is fabulous. xox

  3. Cheryl on #

    Let me get this straight – you really think that NZ can make 331 to win in a day with only 5 wickets left? And in the process setting a 4th innings total that is Only bettered in the Timeless Test? I know the English can be pretty hopeless at times, but somehow I don’t think they are quite that bad.

  4. Elodie on #

    Haha, when I travel the food is always my major point of interest too! XD (well, it can also be my biggest gripe..haha)

  5. hillary! on #

    Do we get any hints on what this new novel is about?
    And say hello to Maureen Johnson, and tell her I should be on Scarlett’s Eleven!

  6. Jane Volker on #

    You’re there now – in Harrod’s. And I’m here in my house just back from the school run. If I hadn’t moved house 5 months ago I’d be living in a place 40minutes from Central London and my kids would be on their Easter vacation and you can betcha we’d be there, in line, in Harrod’s.
    Sorry Cheryl – didn’t understand a word-must get English husband to translate. We never learnt to speak cricket in Ireland.

  7. Candy on #

    Hope harrods went well. I was dying to go but it’s still term time and 3pm is rush hour for schools here!

  8. Kadie-Wa on #

    I’m jealous! Is the weather being nice to you?

  9. Mahek on #

    *sigh* Justine must love England. No snow. And London doesn’t get much rain at this time of the year. I would know because I live in the outskirts of London. If it rains in London, it rains here (most of the time).

    But the temperatures weren’t too bad. I’m annoyed i never got to go!

  10. BernieNZ on #

    Unfortunately the wounds were deeper. Not sure how NZ lost the series – I wuz looking at the stats and honours were shared 50/50 for the 10 highest run scorers, tho England did get 4 wickets more than NZ. Fairplay to the English for winning, but they’ll have to do better if they want to regain the Ashes

  11. Justine on #

    BernieNZ: Tim Southee almost pulled off a win single handedly. I was dead impressed. From what I saw England and NZ seemed pretty evenly matched.

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