I is on plane

As you read this I will be on a plane to Rome for the beginning of our six weeks and six countries European odyssey. I will try, as I always do, to blog every day, but I suspect I will not succeed—especially during our crazy week at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

For the New Yorkers: look after the town while I’m away. You Sydneysiders: continue looking after my home town. I miss her! Everyone else, as you were.

Ciao for a bit,



  1. marrije on #

    which six countries will you be visiting, and will the netherlands be one of them? even though my silly compatriots have still failed to buy your books…

  2. Jane Volker on #

    How ’bout London?

  3. hereandnow on #

    Have an awesome (and productive) trip! I’m reliably informed that it there is no other way to describe Bologna than ‘a crazy week’. (If it’s sane, ur doin it wrong.)

  4. Jen on #

    Have a GREAT trip–and by the way, LOVE the new author photo!

  5. Gabrielle on #

    Yay Europe! Looking forward to reading your blogging.

  6. Liset on #


    Also, if you are EVER in need of a youthful companion, you should pick me. cause i’m awesome (and modest)!!!


    Don’t forget to buy candy from every country, that stuff is TRIPPY!

  7. limeywesty on #

    have the best time, and I expect postcards to all your avid blog readers.

  8. hillary! on #

    You look SPECTACULAR in your boots!

  9. Mahek on #

    Are you coing to the UK by any chance????

  10. C. Cooper on #

    Ah, figures you’d be enroute to Italy as I return.Sigh. Try to swing by the archeological digs in Ostia if you have time…mosaics, castles,thermal baths, pix of Neptune and Tritons & such. Love that Tiber river…think East Side & the Hudson. And a beach town near Rome, who’d a thunk?



  11. Claire on #

    I hear Scott’s doing a signing at Harrods in London next week. Will you be there too? If I bring your books along as well, could you possibly sign them for me…?

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