Elsewhere such as Indonesia

Sartorias aka Sherwood Smith continues the cranky discussion. Both threads have really excellent comments. Fascinating stuff. If only I weren’t in computer hell, I’d be contributing to said discussions. Once things stop sucking in computerland I’ll plunge in. There’s LOTS more to be said.

In other news I just found out that the Magic or Madness trilogy has now sold to PT Gramedia in Indonesia. I’m particularly stoked about this sale as I studied Bahasa Indonesia for four years in high school. It’s a country I’ve always been fascinated by. For those keeping count—I know I am—the trilogy has now sold to ten different countries.


  1. Gabrielle on #

    I have to say, the French cover of Magic or Madness kinda sucks. No offense, I think it’s just a shame, because people like me, who are highly superficial, might not buy the book because of the cover. The American cover is fantabulous though, so I guess it makes up for it.

  2. hillary! on #

    They offer Indonesian in Australian schools? THAT IS SO FAWESOME!

  3. Justine on #

    Gabrielle: Well, it tanked in France . . . I like the German covers best.

    hillary!: Indonesia is one of Australia’s closest neighbours; like Mexico is one of the United States’s. Thus Indonesian is taught in some Australian schools, like Spanish is taught in US schools.

  4. Hillary! on #

    Yeah, well, I speak Spanish fluently, so I took French instead. I totally failed it. It’s horrible.

  5. Danica on #

    Why are German book covers so amazing?! The German covers for the Magic or Madness trilogy are my fav, AND the German covers for the Uglies trilogy are my fav!

    Methinks I need to go to Germany, as those people seem to be made of awesome.

  6. dragonfly on #

    indonesia??! how cool!

    i like the german covers too. 😛

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