Snow research

I’m spending the weekend in upstate New York catching up with friends and researching snow for my next novel.

My research involved sitting in a rocking chair and staring out the window:



12:36PM (Can you see the red squirrel?)


Sadly, there is still not enough snow for snow shoeing, cross country skiing, or tobogganing. None of which I have ever done before even though my characters (pesky annoying things) have. But I have high hopes for tomorrow.

We went out for a walk. It were pretty and not scary cold (about 1C or 34F):

I was taught how to make snow balls, snow men, as well as snow angels. All of it fairly wet-making. But, I will admit, fun.

Apparently that big pile of sticks in the centre there is a beaver lodge. A conservation biologist told me so:

Here he (Peter Zahler) is telling me killer bee stories.1 Or it could have been the one about the crazed grasshopper mice or possibly wild boar. Peter has many fabulous stories:

Keep your fingers crossed for lots more snow tomorrow!

  1. You may recognise the name “Zahler”. Scott named one of his characters in The Last Days after Peter. []


  1. limeywesty on #

    *fingers crossed for snow tomorrow*
    at the moment (down under) there is absolutely no chance of snow, as you would know, but the weather is being annoyinly cold! It’s SUMMER and we have to go around in big jumpers and multiple layers.
    I think we should mourn the loss of another month of sunshine.

  2. Dess on #

    Snow is my favorite type of percipitation. So much fun. I really wish it would snow. The one day it actually stuck to the ground, it was melted by morning.
    P.S. Zahler is the most amzing last name ever.

  3. Liset on #

    JUSTINE! you have a sleeping bag jacket

  4. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    So, what all did you learn about snow during your research?


  5. Camille on #

    Crazed grasshopper mice TOTALLY deserve a story of their own!!! 😀

  6. Justine on #

    Liset: heheh
    JUSTINE! you have a sleeping bag jacket

    LISET! Of course! It’s cold!

  7. Brent on #

    You should have stuck around Michigan after ConFusion. We’ve had off and on snow for the last couple weeks. Plenty for sledding and cross-country skiing. And you’re so cute all bundled up like a little kid. Anything above -5ˆC or so isn’t “cold.” =)

  8. Brent on #

    Oh, and if you want to know about snow and things you can do in the snow, ask some of your Michigan USA fans. We have GREAT stories about snow. Many of them true!

  9. Will on #

    How far upstate is that? If you’re not at least in the Catskills it doesn’t count.

    You must be suffering terribly with all that frost and weather. Bundle up.

  10. Mahek on #

    I love snow.
    Snow=School cancelled=Time to write.

    Unfortunately, we don’t get much snow where we are. And because of global warming, we won’t see much for the next ten years and after that it will be rare. Sucks.

  11. dragonfly on #

    i don’t much care for snow, but as i grew up in michigan, not far from lake michigan, i know all about snow. it was fun when i was a kid, but when i got bigger it was just cold. blech.

    and it was really only 34F?? you are so very bundled…but i guess someone not used to the cold would be. 😛

  12. Patrick on #

    How come there aren’t any palm trees in those pictures?

  13. Mary on #

    Note that if you want to have your characters create snowballs/men/angels and have it be wet like you found it — it has to be (relatively) warm. It doesn’t have to be above freezing, because your hands add some warmth, but below, the snow can be dry.

  14. Caryn on #

    Here’s hoping you end up with tons more snow soon. Enough, maybe, to create an igloo and a few snow angels. And to go sledding, too. There’s a lot you can do with the white stuff!

  15. Kenina-chan on #

    Upstate NY? You’re practically where I live!

    (Sledding is the best part of winter. I loves adrenaline.)

  16. Gabrielle on #

    Darling, that ain’t winter. 😀

    You should go to the Laurentians. Canada. THAT is winter. Hehe. Anyway, it looked like fun. However, I don’t know how you managed to spread out your legs for a snow angel in that coat. 😛

  17. lunamoth on #

    I love snow. I miss snow. I loved how the air smelled when it was about to snow, or how it seemed to get a little warmer outside right before the snow fell. Did not like digging out my car or all the damage the plows caused. 🙁

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