See the new poll? Is improved version of old poll!

Thanks to, Mr Moles, for suggesting that what I really wanted to know was which supernatural creature are we most sick of. You’re a genius, Moles!

I will make no attempt to guide your voting since I failed so abysmally to get ghouls over the top in the last poll. Though I will say that I’m sick to death of vampire love stories. Not vampires, just them as an object of desire. They’re dead, people. Their flesh is cold. If vampires were realistically portrayed they’d be forever flicking maggots off themselves. Ewwww!

For those not quick of eye—the poll is in the sidebar to your right.


  1. dragonfly on #

    i very much like vampires done well. but there is much not done well. have to search carefully, i guess.

  2. Justine on #

    Me too! One of my favourite books ever is Suzy McKee Charnas’s The Vampire Tapestry.

  3. Delia on #

    Ghouls. I think ghoul-lovers are an underserved community. Plus, they can eat the extra vampires.

  4. Eric Luper on #

    Can I write in QUOKKAS?

  5. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    It seems quite a lot of people are sick of badly done vampires. We love them, and we hate to see them ruined.

    Doesn’t look like there are many votes for werewolves. Oddly, I have yet to find a werewolf book I liked very well, although I love the idea of werewolves. (Prolly why I’m writing about them, huh?)


  6. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Hmm…it strikes me that maybe what people hate isn’t so much a badly done vampire as it is a legend with so much possibility that doesn’t get used?


    (sorry for the double post…)

  7. Brent on #

    Well, I think it’s a given that most of us like vampires and hate to see them done poorly. So I voted Robots/Cyborgs for my 2nd choice. I’m more than a little tired of the weapon/power that saves the day, rewrites all known science and natural law, but is then gone next episode with no side effects or long-term effects on the economy, sciences, religion, society, etc.

  8. Tim on #

    The poll results would seem to indicate that your planned Daikaiju/ghouls manga series would have lots of running room in the marketplace.

    If this comment gets you closer to bringing to fruition the said Daikaiju/ghouls manga series . . . my work here has been successful.

  9. Dawn on #

    Not everyone’s vampires are the same. Plus, maggots only show up when a body has been lying around for awhile. ZOMBIES will be flicking off the maggots, not vampires. Anyway, something that a specific vampire author has said that makes sense to me is something along these lines: there are many types of beasts that have something on their body to attract their prey. So with humans being a vampire’s prey, it only makes sense that they’re made to attract humans.

    As a co-writer of a novel that includes vampires, I just had to say something in defense. And just so you know, I HATE poorly written vampire novels with ideas that have been used over and over again. I’ve read too many of them myself. Hopefully if I ever get published, we’ll be able to do that sub-sub-sub-genre of writing some good.

  10. Patrick on #

    Seriously. Everything can be made better with a robot army. To even SUGGEST that robots might be played out….

    robots misunderstanding human logic makes for great comedy and hi-jinx

    please remove robots from the list. They are just not an option.

  11. rebecca on #

    “i very much like vampires done well. but there is much not done well. have to search carefully, i guess.”

    they are so hard to find. every once in a great while, i find one that doesn’t make me want to scream and fling the book across the room. 😀

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