Wedding dance

Me and Scott did not have a proper wedding on account of eloping but I’d like to think that if we had done the full-blown thing we’d’ve got our shit together to pull off the now traditional surprise wedding dance a la:


But I suspect not. I’d settle for attending a wedding where the couple pulled off something like it. How very fabulous.

I never get tired of these vids. I love youtube.


  1. Patrick on #

    My best friend broke into Mc Hammer’s “Can’t touch This” with his MOM! I knew it was coming and still couldn’t stop laughing. It was awesome.

  2. Justine on #

    Don’t suppose it was captured on film and put up on youtube?

    If you can’t be stylishly silly at your own wedding—when can you be?

  3. Patrick on #

    Not to the best of my knowledge. I think it might have been videotaped, but I haven’t seen it. I’ll check, but considering his wife was supposed to give birth last weekend and hasn’t yet, they might be too pre-occupied to learn internet technology.

    Right on about weddings, which is why my wife was willing to march down the aisle to Darth Vader’s Theme. Seriously, I think it sets the appropriate tone for a marriage. Also didn’t have a cake. It was ice cream bars and watermellon. Wedding cakes are absurdly expensive and a silly tradition.

  4. Patrick on #

    btw- are YA authors supposed to say ‘sh*t’ on their blog?

  5. sherwood on #


  6. Dave H. on #

    Angie and I had a hard time with a traditional slow dance – trying something that would have resulted in property damage and/or great loss of life.

  7. Justine on #

    Patrick: What’s wrong with saying “shit”? Is perfectly cromulent word.

  8. Patrick on #

    Just checking. I don’t know all the things YA authors aren’t supposed to do.

  9. Justine on #

    There are no language barriers. It’s just the drinking and having of sex that is forbidden. Also smoking and caffeinated beverages.

  10. kim on #

    justine i can easily see you and scott in the 2nd youtube video!! 🙂

  11. Kadie-Wa on #

    Haha, I love um. Anyone else notice the guy on crutches in the second video? I don’t know why, but he stood out to me for some reason.

    Since I have a vocabulary the size of an ant, what does eloping mean?

  12. Justine on #

    Kadie-Wa: Eloping is when you run off to get married without telling anyone. Scott and me were married without any of our family or friends knowing about it. We told them all much later.

    People used to do it when they couldn’t get their parents’s permission to marry. Scott and me did it because we have family and friends all over the world and our heads exploded when we tried to figure out to get them together for a wedding. Too hard!

    Because I am a language dag I looked it up in Oxford English Dictionary and discovered that it originally referred to a wife “running away from her husband in the company of a paramour.”

    Huh. You learn something new every day.

  13. Gabrielle on #

    Haha, did you know that second couple got on Ellen Degeneres for that dance? They performed it on the show, wedding gown and all.

  14. Justine on #

    Indeed, it is deservedly famous.

  15. emily on #

    wait, justine – can you have sex with your spouse? like, is it allowed for procreation uses?

  16. Justine on #

    All YA authors—married or not—are completely chaste. If they want children they adopt.

  17. Justine on #

    I don’t like it as much.

  18. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    What?!! No caffeinated beverages? What am I going to drink???


  19. rebecca on #

    yeah, i wanna do that at my wedding. (assuming i ever have one. :P) awwwesome!

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