Podcast Seriousness


While we were in Chicago for the Great Lakes Booksellers Association conference in October, me, John Scalzi and Scott Westerfeld recorded a podcast in which he purportedly interviews us about our books. Zombies do come up—cause really when writers get together what else are they gonna talk about?

Apparently this is part 1 of the convo. Will keep you posted when the rest of it goes up.


P.S. Scalzi’s pronunciation of my surname is prefectly accurate. I was just teasing him.


  1. Jelly-wa on #


  2. Jelly-wa on #

    I like your voice. why do you laugh all the time?

  3. Jelly-wa on #

    where is everyone?

  4. capt. cockatiel on #

    Ah! Now I’m really excited for the ufb! I’m going to explode with waiting or something! Gah!
    But that was really awesome and funny. (:

  5. Kenina-chan on #

    Weee! I feel like I’m a big ball of energy! I now know stuff about The Ultimate Fairy Book! Haha, ferries. That made me giggle.

  6. Tim on #

    you *don’t* pronounce it lar-ba-less-tee-ayy? i fear that i will continue to pronounce it this way in my head. i will attempt to get it right if/when we ever meet someday.

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