Magia ou loucura

This is the Brazilian version of Magic or Madness. Quite a contrast to all the other versions, eh? I likes it.

Here are the four other covers1:

US & Oz; Italian; French; Taiwanese.

I’m not sure which ones I like best. What do youse reckon?

  1. Apparently I’ll be seeing the Thai and German versions before too long. []


  1. Kadie-Wa on #

    i think i like the italian one the best.

    so, do you get these sent to you? and you get to keep them?

  2. kim on #

    me like italian.

    when it going to be in german?

  3. Nichole on #

    i like the us cover best. but maybe i’m biased?

    for some reason (and clearly, I may be insane) this new cover reminds me of Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless me ultima. I don’t know, maybe it’s the owl. i’m just saying. or is that supposed to be a flying fox?

    Still, the cover is fun and different!

  4. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Hmm, I’m kinda torn between the us/oz and the Italian. I like the Italian as an image, but the other one seems more fitting, I guess. I loved that magical first encounter with snow scene.

    i think the new cover is nice, too. it lends a little darkness, some ominousness. Nessnessness. Meh.


  5. tole on #

    I’m torn between it looking nice and spooky – and looking a little comicy. Either way i like it, but i’m not sure which if i like it more than the original.

    congratulations on getting so many translations though! I’m sure you don’t need further proof that your books rock, but they must be nice to have anyway 🙂

  6. serafina zane on #

    oooh…i think i like that one best. the french and italian are cool in a sort of amusing way, and the tawainse (bad spelling) one is very zen, and of course the original australian (and u.s.) cover is cool. this one’s spooky though. if unrealted to the books.

  7. hillary! on #

    I definitley do not like the French one. I really like the Italian, US/OZ, and the new Brazilian one. But I agree with tole. Very comicy.

  8. janet on #

    OK, who is that pale-skinned girl on the French cover?

    I’m obviously going against the tide, here, but the ones I really don’t like are the Italian and French ones. No accounting for taste.

    The U.S./Oz cover is my favorite.

  9. Kadie-Wa on #

    where is oz? besides where the wizard lives.

  10. y.manynames on #

    I like us/oz, taiwan, brazil, italian and then french. The french one is sort of weird, I am thinking… However, I did find the french one slightly easier to read that than the english.

    Sorry, it is a language thingie. I am still mangling my english. As an aside, would you english speaking peoples ever come together on spelling/punctuation rules? I mean, there is extra u’s and oxford commas and funky tenses in the UK that you do not use much in the US and biscuits and cookies and jumpers that you wear and jumpers that you use to start your car motor which might be under the bonnet or the hood or the in the boot or the trunk…

    It is all quite baffling sometimes.

  11. marrije on #

    I rather like the brazilian one, though there’s something bothering me about the big r in the last word. Must ask my friendly neighbourhood typographer about that.

    Still like the us-ian best. this may be because i’m deeply conservative and it’s the one i know longest and best and on my copy of the book.

  12. David Moles on #

    the brazilian cover definitely seems to be coming down on the “loucura” side, and that’s not a bad thing.

    marrije, I don’t think the last ‘a’ is kerned properly — compare the first ‘o’ and the way it sits right over the tail of the ‘l’. (though it looks like the designer might have to mess with the tail of the ‘r’ a bit to make the ‘a’ fit.)

  13. marrije on #

    david moles, you’re probably right about the a. it seems to be floating away like this. Perhaps the r isn’t for use inside a word? (the typographer isn’t here right now – never around when you need them 🙂 )

  14. Tim on #

    *intense cover envy*

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