Woo hoo Phoenix!

Phoenix won the WNBA finals. I am so very happy. I LOVE their style of play. I love Penny Taylor and Cappie Pondexter and Kelly Miller and Diana Taurasi. They are awesomeness personified. They SO deserved to win.

And Detroit totally dogged it. They have not looked that good these playoffs. They barely got past the New York Liberty. Same against Indiana. They did not deserve to win overall. Plus Bill Laimbeer drives me insane. That said Deanna Nolan is probably the most gorgeous shooter I have ever seen. I’d happily watch her play all day long. And Cheryl Ford is crazy strong and brave.

Next year the Liberty are going to knock Detroit out. Oh, yes, we will!


  1. Corey on #

    Working in Phoenix, but not being a b-ball fan, I only heard about it via the radio this morning on the way in to work downtown. I suppose this is good news: as it’ll probably inject more interest in the league over here which at the moment seems kinda light.

  2. Rebecca on #

    YAY!! i was happy.

    now it’s time for the world cup. hee. 😀

  3. Justine on #

    Corey: The Phoenix Mercury are an awesome team. Way better than the men’s. Maybe watching them will convert you to hoops?

    Rebecca: I just wish the matches weren’t so early in the morning . . .

  4. Rebecca on #

    yeah….i have watch replays. sux.

  5. amy fiske on #

    hey justine, thanks for cheering for the mercury. i’m sure it helped! maybe next year we’ll be playing new york…

  6. Elise on #

    i live in phoenix and the mercury is the best!

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