So far so good

Three quarters of the WNBA playoffs have gone exactly how I want them to. Phoenix beat Seattle (two Aussies against one); Indiana beat Connecticut (one Aussie against Satan’s own team); San Antonio beat Sacramento (one Aussie—assistant coach Sandy Brondello + 2 ex-Liberty stars against no Aussies and no ex-Libs).

Now we just have to beat Detroit and my basketball year will be complete. Seriously, I didn’t think we’d make the post-season so for the Liberty to get past the first round would be a second miracle. I love what Shamika Christon, Janel McCarville and Loree Moore have been doing in the post-season. I’m so stoked for the 2008 season. The New York Liberty is going to be insanely good.

This year’s WNBA season and post-season has been the best I’ve ever seen. I cannot believe how amazing the games were tonight. I am in heaven.

Let’s go, Liberty! (And the Opals for gold next year.)


  1. Rebecca on #

    i was in a restaurant with my writers group, watching the stars game on my computer. there was frequent fist pumpage and some not-so-quiet squealing. it was such a heart attack-inducing fourth quarter, but then vj passed the ball to becky in the last ten seconds and it went in and i did a little dance right there in my chair. oh how perfect.

    oooh!! did you know that helen darling is a children’s book author?

  2. Justine on #

    Other way around: Becky passed the ball to VJ! Becky was being tripled teamed and VJ was wide open.

    I wonder if Helen Darling really is a children’s book author or if she’s ghosted?

    Oh and lookee—some more folks are starting to get how cool the silver stars are.

  3. Rebecca on #

    bah, i got mixed up. it’s hard to tell on the 2 sq. in. screen i was using, so i have an excuse. 😛

    well, the kids in the book are named after her own kids. so i dunno. it got a nice review on amazon.

    i must read those articles some other time when i’m not in class.

    i still wanna know why you hate the sun so much. 😀

  4. amy fiske on #

    yeah, the sun have erin phillips, when she’s well. so what’s up with that?

    go phoenix! go liberty!

    sorry, can’t bring myself to cheer for the silver stars since i’m a phoenix season ticket holder. but when we’re not playing against them, i’m happy enough to see them win. anyone who knocks out sacramento is okay by me!

  5. Justine on #

    I cannot reveal the dark secret of Connecticut’s evil in such a public forum. Let’s just say I barrack for Erin when she’s playing for them, but not for the team.

    Phoenix-San Antonio is going to be a much more exciting series than it would have been if Sacramento got through. Don’t get me wrong I like Sacremento’s excellent D, but I do love to see to fast shooting teams go up against each other. I believe we’re up for a rash of 100+ games.

    I’ll be happy whoever wins. At the moment though I’d be very surprised if San Antonio knock over Phoenix.

  6. Rebecca on #

    oh hell. you cannot just throw around “satan’s own team” and then not explain. 😛

    wah! now i’m scared. i don’t want the season to end. but i like high scorers.

  7. Rebecca on #

    ohhhhh, woe is me. we have lost by two frelling points. and i was sad to hear of the liberty’s last game.

    but i must continue to hope! no counting of chickens and such.

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