(Frivolous) things I hate

Because today I must share the negativity, a list of my current hates:

  • Referees who only seem to see the fouls committed by my team
  • Bill Laimbeer1
  • Friends who are always late—especially when we’re meeting for dinner and I’m starving and the stupid restaurant won’t seat us until the entire party is there
  • Restaurants that won’t seat you until the entire party is there—What gives? The table is empty and just sitting there. We’ll order stuff. Lots of it! You’ll make more money off us if you seat us straight away. What does not seating achieve except to make us really really really pissed off at you for keeping us hanging in the crowded, noisy bar area?
  • People who never answer the important emails I send them2
  • email
  • Microsoft Word
  • Computers
  • good bloggers who don’t blog every day
  • Bad bloggers who do blog every day
  • Books with female protags who are helpless and passive and can’t walk two steps without falling over
  • Badly written crappy books that sell millions or everyone else I know seem to think are the best books ever. You are all very very wrong! Stop buying crap!
  • Plane travel3
  • People who feel they must share how much they hate sport (and the people who like it) when the conversation has just been all about sport and clearly the other people in the convo love sport. There are other people who share your opinions—go talk to them!
  • People who love the Connecticut Sun
  • The Connecticut Sun
  • ESPN for showing little league baseball instead of most of the Indiana-Connecticut game and right now for showing women’s golf instead of the start of the Phoenix-Seattle game. You suck ESPN!
  • Running out of nectarines
  • AFDs
  1. Though I do love hating him. Don’t ever change, Bill! You were eerily calm and unaggro during today’s game. A game where you don’t get a technical foul is a just plain wrong. []
  2. I am aware that my email responses have been, um, less than optimal this year, but I’m busy! The people who are sposed to be responding to me but don’t are lazy goodfornothings. It’s totally different. []
  3. Have I mentioned how happy I am that we’re going to Atlanta by train? []


  1. Katie on #

    …What’s wrong with the Connecticut sun? Personally, I hate the Utah sun. I love email!!! Except for when it doesn’t work…

  2. Dess on #

    Did you change your blog layout again or is my computer being stupid again? I hate this computer. *head desk*

  3. Justine on #

    People are reporting that it looks strange but it’s fine on mine and Scott’s computers so I have no idea what to do.

  4. Danica on #

    It looks odd on my computer, too.

    Sharing negativity is fun. I probably do it more often than I should…

  5. Melissa on #

    My favorite? Restaurants that won’t seat you if only three of your party of four is there (or five of six). Hello? SAME SIZE TABLE, morons. What restaurant has three-tops and five-tops? VYNL, I’m looking at you.

  6. Danica on #

    (Forgot to mention this a moment ago)
    Speaking of good bloggers who don’t blog every day, what is Maureen Johnson up to? It’s been a week since her last blog entry.

  7. Patrick on #

    I’m a bad blogger who blogs every day.

    Bad bad bad blogger.

  8. haddy on #

    what about your husband he is a good blogger that dorent blog every day but he has been lately

    do you hate him too

  9. haddy on #

    so yea did he read you blog

  10. sara z on #

    I have similar anger issues with late people. Especially the chronically late.

    I’m kind of in an email/computer hating phase, too.

    If anyone bitches at me for watching NFL football this season—Michael Vick or no Michael Vick—I’ma ‘splode.

    Trains are pretty rad, but sometimes they are very, very, very. Very. Late. Too. But at least there’s room to move around and pretty scenery. I’m actually thinking about getting a rail pass in 08 and visiting my friends around the country at random intervals.

  11. Diana on #

    i’m chronically late.

    and I think i owe you an email.

  12. Justine on #

    Danica: Maureen was who I was thinking of.

    Haddy: Scott is a very slack blogger.

    Sara Z: Trains a billion times better than planes. No horrible security to go through. They don’t throw your water away. Etc. etc.

    I also hate wordpress today.

    Diana: You’ve never been late for me.

    I thought I owed you an email.

  13. Diana on #

    No, you sent me a very nice email telling me not to be afeared of public bookreadings, and I was going to write you back to confirm that I did not, in fact, shrivel up and die at the podium, as I suspected I might.

    Also, I got a present. Wait til you see…

  14. hillary! on #

    I’m sorry! but I happen to love one of those books that you hate! I see that it is crap, but I can’t help myself! I know I shouldn’t read it or be attracted to it, but it calls out my name in that oh so enticing manner that makes me forget about that resolution I made. At least I never buy them though, I only buy good books, really good books, like Girl At Sea. And I hate mocrosoft word too. And yes, trains are much better than planes, better scenery too!

  15. Justine on #

    Hey Hillary! I’ll lay you odds that you’re not talking about the book I’m talking about. Though we’ll never know because I will never say in public what books by living people I hate.

    I have loved many bad, bad, books in my time. Like Flowers in the Attic not to mention the Flashman books so really I should not be complaining about other people’s bad taste. I am a hypocrite!

    Trains are the best. And Maureen’s Girl at Sea is a corker. I can’t wait to read Scarlett Suite!

  16. jenny d on #

    really i agree with you about the restaurants that won’t seat people, except that i try and look on the bright side & think that this is a policy that saves us from our worse selves, because there are few things more drunkenness-(and subsequently hangover-)inducing than ordering rounds of drinks at a table and drinking them on a very empty stomach while waiting for late friends to arrive!

  17. Corey on #

    wha? Phoenix is in the wnba playoffs? Hah, shows how much I pay attention to sports nowadays. Literally my office window looks straight down onto the us airways arena and I had no idea ^^. Likely thats because collegiate football(US) is my sport o’ choice.

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