Woooo hoooo!!!!!

Can you hear that screaming? That’s me yelling myself hoarse with joy because we beat Detroit in Madison Square Garden last night.


Almost all the punters predicted Detroit would sweep us. Ha ha ha! Instead Detroit played awful. It was like they’d been cursed. And after an awkward messy first half we played great.

Of course mean old Bill Laimbeer didn’t say a word about how well the Liberty played he just went on about his own team’s suckiness. Whose fault is that, Bill?

Now I think we’re a more than even chance to take Detroit on their home court and I’m cranky that me and Scott’re going to be at smelly DragonCon cause it means we will miss our next home playoff game. At least we’ll be back in time for the finals!

And how about Phoenix’s rout of Seattle? They took Lauren Jackson out of proceedings (yes, I am an LJ fan, yes, that made me sad, but also wow—not many teams have managed it this year) and ran and shot at will. Wow, they are an entertaining team. I also enjoyed the triple overtime Connecticut-Indiana game. Bummer that Connecticut won. At least the next two games are in Indiana. Here’s to Indiana beating the annoying Sun.

I love the playoffs.

And how about Janel McCarville being named most improved player? Woo hoo!!! And LJ defensive player of the year for the first time. Happy sigh.


  1. Rebecca on #


    only an hour and a half left till the stars go to game two. *nervousness* 😮

  2. Rebecca on #

    lalalalala, not worried anymore!!

    y’alls game is being aired on ABC. i bet you get it in the hotel room. i might try to sneak a few minutes of it whilst moving. i think i might be getting obsessed.

  3. amy fiske on #

    go libs! i missed the game, unfortunately, but i’m really impressed with ny this year. they’re a bit like phoenix – no one expected greatness yet look what they’ve done. go! go! go!

    bill laimbeer is a whinging, snivelling meanie.

    CANNOT WAIT until the merc/storm game tomorrow! good luck to your liberty!

  4. Justine on #

    Rebecca: told you! It’s all about home court advantage. Wasn’t Becky fab? I’m very partial to VJ as well.

    Amy: Right now I’m picking Phoenix to take the championships. But who would’ve expected otherwise with two Aussies on the team?

    Liberty just played so great. It was hard not to cry watching it. Here’s hoping we can do it again tomorrow. But Detriot are really hard to beat at home. We’ve done it before, but. In 2004 we knocked ’em out in the first round.

  5. Rebecca on #

    becky is the shit. i like to blog while i listen to the game, and becky’s name showed up about fifty times. and i watched this thing they had on the website of her ten best whatsits (layups? shots?) and WOW. she does these utterly crazy over the shoulder moves and twisting around in midair and faking. ag, i would’ve killed to be at the game today.

  6. Justine on #

    Well, Rebecca, according to Richard Oliver you and the people of San Antonio are very naughty, bad, wicked people.

    Becky Big Time is made of awesome. I can’t wait to see the final game. Silver Stars to win!

    Oh, and Tamika Catchings was truly awesome against Connecticut (boo hiss!). If she hadn’t missed 13 games she would be neck and neck with Lauren Jackson for MVP. I think those two are the best players in the world. The two most consistently amazing.

    And now it’s less than two hours till the Liberty and Detroit meet again. Here’s hoping we can take ’em and not have to play a third game. Fingers crossed.

    And will Phoenix take it in two? I think so.

  7. Rebecca on #


  8. Justine on #

    I just posted bout it. The two games tonight were awesome. And the teams I wanted to win won!

    So lovely that the Silver Stars won with Becky passing to VJ. Two ex-Liberty stars sealing the victory!

  9. Rebecca on #

    re: richard oliver. um, sadly, he’s right. i am relatively new to obsessive basketball-watching myself, but a lot of the tons of people who’ve shown up for the spurs games don’t even bother to give the stars a second glance. i have a friend who is an avid spurs fan, and she went to a wnba game once and said she didn’t like it, that it was “lame.”

    i have gotten so into all this in the last few months. if i were an adult with a full-time job who lived in san antonio, i’d probably cough up the $1000+ for the season pass. the games are utterly fantastic. i saved one of those clapper noisemaker things to hang on my wall. they were free! i should take a huge stack and just distribute them throughout the neighborhood. yessss….

    so why do you dislike the sun so much?

    lalalala, the stars are on the front page of wnba.com. 😀 so now for the west it’s the stars vs. the mercury, who just got through doing a sweep. 😮 i didn’t get to see any of the liberty game yesterday. here’s hoping they take game three!

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