Magic or Madness in Italian

I know I said blogging about writerly achievements is tedious but I have to share when my books are translated. That’s not a writer skiting thing; it’s a publishing geek thing.

I love seeing what books are called in other markets. In this case Magic or Madness, the first book of the Magic or Madness trilogy, becomes The Revelation, book one of the Blood of the Witch trilogy.

Dark Magic is the name of the imprint. Also published on that list is none other than Margaret Mahy (!). Quite possibly the world’s finest living YA writer (along with Diana Wynne Jones). Not too shabby company, eh?

But what’s with the cat on the cover? There are no (living) cats in the trilogy! There is a key, but.


  1. karen on #

    title of the book translates to “i can has majik?”

  2. Justine on #

    It does cry out for lolcating, doesn’t it?

  3. jenny davidson on #

    yeah, what’s with the cat?!? that’s hilarious—but it is a LOVELY cover and title, makes me want to read the book all over again!

    i liked your blogging post. i quite agree—if it’s fun, do it—if not, not—procrastination is necessary. i think if i had much much tighter time available to me (like small children or very demandingly-in-the-office day job), i would have to take steps—but really, as i have said many a time before, if you have ten hours and you procrastinate seven and write three, you have probably had a quite productive working day! i often feel that i have to drive myself into an almost aggressive state of boredom before i am ready to write!

  4. Celia on #

    I think perhaps all witches are required to have cats in Italy. Though he’s not really a witchy looking cat.

  5. Jennifer on #

    Now I want to make up LOLcats for this:

    “ooh shiny”

    “mi eyz r crossing at shiny.”

  6. Jez on #

    Do you know if there’s any way someone in the US could order the Italian version of this book? Is there a website that allows you to do that, because I would really like a copy in Italian.

  7. Justine on #

    Jez: Here’s a link to the book at an Italian online bookshop. That’s all I can think of.

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