American Gothic

Okay, why did no one tell me what a flawed masterpiece American Gothic is? Is there any other brilliant tellie of the last twenty years you’re hiding from me? I mean I never even heard of American Gothic before! Why? Twin Peaks is total rubbish in comparison. (Don’t get me started on my Twin Peaks hatred. What an evil tease of a tv show!)

If my next novel features an evil but charming sheriff trying to corrupt their illegitimate child you’ll know why.


  1. Sir Tessa on #

    “Someone’s at the door?” American Gothic? How did you miss that? I never watched it, yet I knew all about it because the TV commercials wouldn’t stop. Evah.

  2. Chris McLaren on #

    I usually say “The Wire”, but you know about that already.

    Filling out my top three is Cracker (the British one, obv.) and The Sandbaggers.

  3. Ben Payne on #

    I never really got into American Gothic… found it a bit too religious-y… and TV shows where the central character is a kid tend to annoy me after a while:-)

  4. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    I always find it hard to recommend shows (particularly) series to other people, since tastes and expectations vary so much — as does the quality of stories within a series, often.

    Still, it seems cowardly not to play at all ,so two I haven’t seen mentioned on this blog before: Dark Angel — mixed quality sometimes and terminates abruptly when it was canned, but entertaining — and Spooks (BBC), particularly the earlier seasons.

  5. Eugene on #

    Oh boy, I loved that show. They didn’t air the last four episodes in the US until after it was cancelled and the Sci-Fi Channel picked it up. I should really get those DVDs.

    You may have just spoiled a major plot point in the series, but whatever–it’s been around for years.

    Have you seen Wild Palms? You might like that too.

  6. Penni on #

    We just watched on DVD the BBC series Wild West with Dawn French (the west is Cornwall). It’s very odd but very very good. Will have to check out American Gothic – thanks! we don’t watch any tv because I’m allergic to commercials and the news and reality tv. So we watch everything on dvd and rely on recommendations.
    I second chris’s recommendation of cracker – that’s quite odd too, but character development is brilliant.

  7. Edwina on #

    Try Supernatural.

    Not season is currently airing anywhere at the moment (they’re filming), but Season 1 is out on DVD and Season 2 will be soon (September 11th USA, October 8th Australia 🙂 ).

    It’s awesome 🙂

  8. Tim Pratt on #

    I watched it when it first came out, and I was so happy when it was finally released on DVD. Flawed, certainly, but the good parts are so very good. Definitely the best supernatural TV show ever created by a former teen heartthrob (Shaun Cassidy), too.

  9. Edwina on #

    QUOTE: Definitely the best supernatural TV show ever created by a former teen heartthrob (Shaun Cassidy), too.

    Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke…

  10. Justine on #

    Edwina: American Gothic was created by Shaun Cassidy which is what Tim was referring to.

  11. Libba on #

    OMG, I freaking LOVED this show while it was on for a nanosecond. And that it was made by Shaun Cassidy? Bliss. Of course, I’m like the Anti-Nielsens, so if I like a show, it’s pretty much doomed.

  12. elizabeth on #

    american gothic – what fun! creepy, mysterious, and cheesy (but in a good way). i am also very partial to the adventures of briscoe county jr. starring bruce campbell, plus john astin as the friendly neighborhood crazy inventor.

  13. Edwina on #

    Looks like I need to find some American Gothic…


  14. mrspilkington on #

    i could cry when i think about how much i miss that show. ‘buck with a b’!

  15. Walter Jon Williams on #

    I dunno. After a while I got tired of the “Sheriff Lucas offers Caleb a shiny new Corvette but Merlyn convinces Caleb it’s the better part of wisdom to keep his beat-up old bicycle” plot.

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