Lauren Jackson

My favourite basketballer in the entire universe is Lauren Jackson, which every so often puts me in the weird position of barracking for the team she’s playing against. See, I’m a New York Liberty fan and she plays for the Seattle Storm, which very confusingly has the same colours as Australia (green and gold).

Last Sunday her team narrowly beat my team, and on the one hand, I was deeply bummed—it was so close! We almost had them!—on the other hand, damn she’s a fine fine player. And, oh, how much I love watching her play. I just prefer, you know, when she’s playing for the Opals and they’re winning the world championships.

How good is Lauren Jackson? So good that we have to triple team her:
Don't hurt Loz!
That’s Tiffany Jackson, Ashley Battle and Shamika Christon doing the honours. Go Liberty!

She’s 196cm (6ft 5in) but she can run like the wind:
Go LJ, go!

She’s so mighty that mere chairs cannot contain her:
Check those knees!

She smiles like a goddess:

And battles like a warrior:
Grab that ball!
That’s the Liberty’s Janel McCarville attempting to battle back.

She’s my hero:
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Cathrine Kraayeveld (obscured by the non-corrupt WNBA ref) and Shamika Christon attempt to shut the mighty Loz down.

Oh, and um, just in case you think I spent the whole game stalking LJ, I also saw this great hat:

Best hat ever!

All photos by Scott Westerfeld. Thank you, Mr Husband!


  1. Rebecca on #

    oooh, i didn’t know you’d be allowed to take pix at the games. this makes me happy now. 😀 scott is a brilliant photographer. you guys must have courtside!!

  2. Kristine Smith on #

    Those are great photographs.

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, I wanted to let you know that a company called Fresh makes a Mangosteen Soap.

  3. Justine on #

    Rebecca: Isn’t he good? Our seats are in the second row. So, yeah, pretty courtside. Actually, I married Scott for his Liberty season tickets.

    Kristine: That’s horrifying! Mangosteens should be eaten not turned into soap!

  4. Robert Legault on #

    Wow, those are great photos.

    //spends 20 min. on Google images//

    Somebody help me…

  5. amy fiske on #

    oooh…i love your sporty posts! lauren jackson is amazing. i’m pretty sure that my team (phx mercury) had to triple team her as well. if it weren’t for penny taylor, lj would be my favorite player. but hey, penny’s on my team and lj isn’t.

  6. Dawn on #

    Oh, Justine. You make me smile. 🙂

  7. Justine on #

    Amy Fiske: Penny Taylor is pretty fabbie. She was the MVP when the Opals took the world championships last year. And what a year she’s been having with you guys this year. Incredible! They say it’s cause her hubbie’s in town.

    I’m so jealous—your team has an Aussie player and the Liberty doesn’t. So not fair. And you guys have Belinda Snell too. Even unfairer.

  8. amy fiske on #

    yeah, i saw the world championship game on tv. amazing. phx loves penny.

    as for your jealousy…you’ll just have to make a road trip during the wnba season. if you ever do, let me know and i can probably get you some free seats. how does front row behind the bench sound? you could chat with penny and snelly.

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