Vampire elves

Holly Black is making me giggle (via Gwenda). Now all I can think about is vampire elves and zombie unicorns and werewolf-griffins and pirate-orcs and . . . and which of all of those would win in battle and what they’d look like and what they’d eat. Would vampire elves still not like steel and not tell lies? And what would a novel with all these creatures in it be like?

Oh, hush, Justine. You have stories to write! Novels to unbuggerize! Admin to adminerate! Stop procrastinating.


  1. Rebecca on #

    someone must write this book. 😀 😀

  2. Corey on #

    A vampire elf, if cursed with the inability to fib, would be no more hindered to ensnaring victims: providing of course its stature is of little concern. Who would believe an elf that had to disclose, in all honesty, it was a vampire?

  3. sherwood on #

    Oh lord, the memories. A bunch of fanficcers were writing vampire elf stories some years back. They have spock ears and fangs! Glowing eyes and floor-length hair, both boyz and grrrlz! They are ultra gorgeous, live forever! they lure pretty boys and girls, especially boys, to be their glam slaves before they permit them to turn vamp, woo hoo!

    They were, in short, even bigger soap operas than the slashworlds, then they discovered vampire-elf-slash.

  4. Malcolm Tredinnick on #


    *sigh* Like there aren’t enough spelling and grammar disasters being published these days. Do we really need professional writers contributing to the problem?

  5. Dawn on #

    So would vampire elves be literally impossible to kill? Vampires are immortal, elves are immortal…so does that mean they have superimmortality (what good would that do?) or do both cancel each other out? 😉

  6. sherwood on #


    I forgot the sequel series (each projected to be twelve volumes): vampire elf angels

  7. Justine on #

    Corey: Point!

    Malcolm: Not a spelling mistake a neologism.

    Dawn: So many questions. Does anyone have the answers?

    Sherwood: vampire elf angels. Ewwww!! They go too far!

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