I am not a zombie

Unlike Mr Scalzi and a scary number of others, I am not a zombie. The flesh is still pink and I’m craving miso soup, not brains. (At least not unless they’re lamb’s brains lightly sauteed with lots of garlic.)

I suspect that the apocalypse has not hit New York City yet. Figures that it would ravage the midwest first.

We have a reinforced steel door and enough food to last . . . Hang on a second.

Oh. Okay, enough food to last a few hours. But there’s lots of booze. So I’m good.

And, frankly, I can think of no better way to spend the apocalypse than holed up with me old man and two cases of really good wine.

Here comes Scott to open the first bottle.

Scott? Scott! Oh my Go—


  1. Mike G. on #

    It’s funny, my first reaction when I saw the apocalypse note on The Whatever was “Hmmm, my guess is Justine Larbalestier is more likely to participate in this than in ‘invasion of the unicorns’ day” 🙂

  2. Jennifer on #

    Looks like all of the authors are getting eaten by zombies. Makes me glad I’m unpublished!

  3. Rebecca on #

    mmm, brains.

  4. marrije on #

    wait! I haven’t put my zombie apocalypse kit together yet! No fair! We need more warning! The government should do something!

    Oh god they’ve just made Rita Verdonk prime minister of the netherlands, I see her dragging the nearly headless corpse of the previous p.m., old harry potter, on the tv news now…

  5. Dawn on #

    Crap. I am totally unprepared…and I LIVE in the midwest!! Eek!

  6. Tole on #

    Do you really have a reinforced steel door? ’cause you know, after reading about scott assesing tourist destinations for apocolyspe potentital it really wouldn’t surpise me…

  7. orangedragonfly on #

    poor scott. i wonder if zombies can still write novels? 😉

  8. carrie on #

    how did i miss this? gah!

    however, to find out if you’re truly ready for the zombie apocalypse, take this quiz. this is what i was doing yesterday that i missed the stupid zombie apocalypse. so very very sad.


  9. Rebecca on #

    i have a 27% chance of surviving. yessss.

  10. Dess on #

    i have a 47% chance of surviving! whooooooo! although 47 isn’t that great. better follow you and scott. you seem to know what you’re talking about when it comes to zombies.

  11. haddy on #

    zombies are attaccing my school i had a lock down

  12. carrie on #

    i had a 52% chance of surviving and i’ve even read the zombie survival guide. sigh.

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