Still on the road

Tired, overstimulated, happy. I have lots of news but none that I can share. Mostly because I’m too tired to type straight.

Has anyone read any of Somerset Maugham’s writings on writing? You should. I loves him. (More coherent thoughts on it when I get my brain back.)

Also what’s the consensus on Cormac McCarthy’s The Road? I read it on a plane. Started off hating it, warmed to it, got teary, but am now completely unsure what I think of it. I found it kind of slight oddly enough. But I may change my mind. Maybe I’m having hype allergy?

I do know what I thought of Sergey Lukyanenko’s Day Watch sequel to Night Watch. Loved it. More please! For the first time in my life I am tempted to write fan fiction. I mean what would the Sydney Day and Night watches be like? I’m seeing Simon Westaway as a world-weary medium ranked magician—but I’m not sure for which Watch . . .

Tis very strange reading so many not-YA books. They’re not half bad. I guess I should stop being rude about adult books.

Also saw Dreamgirls—yes on a plane—what an amazing film. Incredible sets, awesome adaptation of a muscial, unbelievably good acting, everything was absolutely perfect—except that the music sucked. SUCKED. Worst. Music. Ever. It caused me psychic pain having to listen to it. Aaargh. Is there some way to edit in good songs?

Have I mentioned that both Holly Black’s Ironside and Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones made the New York Times bestseller list? I love both those books. Isn’t it wonderful? And if you haven’t read them you really really really should.

So Pistons-Spurs final?

Oh, and I am deeply in love with Paris. Yet another city I want to live in. Plus now I must learn French!


  1. John Klima on #

    I know what you mean about DREAMGIRLS. We just watched it over the weekend and loved it. I love the current renaissance of the movie musical (thank you Baz Luhrman!) that we’re experiencing. I didn’t hate the music, but wasn’t particularly moved by it, either. Many of the ‘conversation songs’ felt like RENT-lite.

    And I totally get what you’re feeling with THE ROAD. I was totally digging the book…and then it ended. And not in a good way, IMO. I’m struggling over the final paragraph. It may have soured the whole book for me.

    Wish you were going to be at Wiscon. :_(

  2. jessiegirl on #

    i have never been to paris, though it is in my top ten places to see. but i had my first NYC experience this past weekend and i loved it. i would totally move there if i could.

  3. molly on #

    pistons-spurs final! i certainly hope so. though i do like steve nash and raja bell quite a bit and would be happy with a pistons-sun final as well. still, i’d like to see detroit make up for that loss to the spurs … year before last? it’s all a blur. apart from last year’s boring final, anyway.

  4. Rebecca on #

    “there are three rules for writing a novel. unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

    hee. 😀

    i am reading city of bones right now!! mwahahaha.

    “So Pistons-Spurs final?”

    we have to make it past the suns first. 😛 of course, we will. even nash can’t stop us, mwahahahahaha!! unfortunately, limited local broadcasting might stop me. i feel your pain with that whole cricket thing. ARGH!!

  5. Rebecca on #


    oh well. would have been a boring series if there was a sweep.

  6. Karen on #

    Just a minute now — Jennifer Hudson singing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is the most amazing musical performance I’ve ever heard in a movie musical. It brought my personal house down.

    I can take your point about a lot of the other numbers, but that one was hands-down phenomenal.

  7. Justine on #

    Klima: I definitely loved Dreamgirls but I cannot remember a single song. Not a one. Those were the most nothing songs I have ever heard in my life. Music + lyrics = nothing.

    There was a lot I lvoed about The Road, but yeah I’m not sure if it worked as a whole. Guess I’ll have to reread it. That I want to speaks volumes. I loved the stripped away language. That as the world fell apart so too did the language available to describe it. Very cool.

    On the NBA finals: I oughtn’t to say this with Rebecca around but I’d much rather a Pistons-Suns final I just think Spurs are more likely. Don’t hate me, Rebecca! What can I say the Nash-Stoudemire duo is amazing!

    Karen: I’m glad those songs worked for someone. And i totally agree that Hudson sold everything she sang. She’s incredible. What she sang? Not so much. Those songs were like copies of copies of copies of copies leaving no residue behind.

  8. Karen on #

    Okay, I see what you’re saying, and am relieved we will not need to resort to fisticuffs. Yeah — one of the best things about many musicals is how you can walk away from them singing magical, powerhouse songs for years afterwards. Dreamgirls didn’t offer that. But the Hudson numbers, and Beyonce’s final moments in the studio — I did love hearing them sung.

  9. Rebecca on #

    yeahhhh, well, i guess i’ll let it slide. this time. nash and stoudemire are, ya know, pretty okay at basketball.

    just so long as you don’t become a mavs fan. 😉

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