It’s snowing

What is wrong with this benighted country? It’s snowing! It’s April. Spring in this poxy hemisphere. It’s warmer back home in Sydney where it’s Autumn. I hates it! Snow!!! Aaaargghh!!!!!!

In other news John Green is silly with his friends over here. I knew they didn’t get any actual writing done when they got together. Now there’s proof.

I’m interviewed by E. Lockhart and reveal that I cannot write song lyrics.

And, um, it’s still snowing. I’m going back to bed. Wake me when the snow’s gone.


  1. Mary on #

    Snow in spring is just wrong. I think the weather’s being crazy everywhere.

    I write a fantasy writing newsletter and always include a publisher spotlight. I got a request to do one on an Australian publisher. Do you happen to know somewhere on the web I can find a list of some?

  2. orangedragonfly on #

    over here in germany we had snow a few weeks ago. for weeks it was in the 60s and 70s…and then it snowed for a week!!!!! argh. at least these days it’s better, sunny and warm most days. (not that i can enjoy it, being stuck in the house. stupid pre-term contractions, argh.)

  3. jenny davidson on #

    Sometimes it snows in April … (someone had to say it).

  4. Dawn on #

    It was 80 degrees here two days ago and they’re forcasting snow for tonight. Um, yeah. Kansas is pretty messed up, along with the rest of the US weather, apparently. I like the snow, though. Its pretty!

  5. Rebecca on #

    this probably won’t make you feel any better, but it’s supposed to be 37 degrees (F) here in texasland. That’s almost cold enough to snow. furthermore, i did not bring a sweatshirt home with me. yay! not.

  6. Sean on #

    I live in Michigan, so we get lake-effect weather. So over our entire winter break, it was mid-sixties. Then it randomly got to where the wind-chill was 20 below zero. and then it was warm again, and now it’s snowing. People were wearing shorts and flipflops over the weekend. Now they’re wearing parkas. >.

  7. Cheryl on #

    Fabulous weather here in San Francisco. You frequent the wrong coast, dear. (We are also closer to Sydney.)

  8. John H on #

    Just be glad you’re not in Michigan’s upper peninsula – as of yesterday they’ve received three feet of snow with more on the way. That’s just wrong…

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