My very first online ad & other matters

For the next month, there’s an ad for Magic’s Child up on Locus online. Tis my very first one and I’m dead excited. Ordinarily, I can’t stand ads but somehow it’s different when it’s an ad for one of my books. That makes me want to pat it and sing it songs. Lovely, lovely ad. Designed by the fabulous Courtney Wood who also made those beautiful screensavers which you can now download from the links in the sidebar.

There is now a cover for the Science Fiction Book Club’s 3-in-1 version of my trilogy. It’s called The Magic or of Reason.

In other vainglorious news, the Hathor Legacy likes Daughters of Earth, describing it as the “perfect marriage of fantastic stories and excellent critical analysis”. Yay! That’s what I was going for.

And to stop skiting for a second, wouldn’t it be great if this happened? An ODI series between India and Australia right here in NYC? I could bring all my USian friends what want to learn about the noble game and convert them to the glories of cricket in their own country. Bliss!

Also this could be the day Magic’s Child is released into the wild. i await reports. Remember there is a prize for the first person to send me photographic evidence that my latest book exists and it may not be as crappy as I said.


  1. Doselle Young on #

    I, like, totally want the 3-IN-1 version. Seems like it might be a rather excellent way to read the trilogy, actually.


    Of course, that’s not gonna stop me from going out today and trying to find a nice, warm copy of Book 3. Its out there, somewhere, waiting to be found.

    The hunt is on!


  2. Adam Rakunas on #

    Hi, Justine. Long time reader, first time poster. Yay for the ad; are you thinking about putting up more on BlogAds or through Google’s ad network?

  3. Dawn on #

    I have to work all day today, but I totally plan on going to Borders and looking for after I get off!!

  4. John H on #

    Looks like The Magic of Reason to me (not or)…

  5. John H on #

    As for ODI in New York, I don’t know how feasible that would be. Would an American football field be wide enough? And do they play cricket on artificial turf?

  6. Justine on #

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts! I’ve yet to see Magic’s Child in a shop, but. I’m trying not to be alarmed given that some give the pub date as Friday . . .

    Adam Rakunas: Yay for the ad; are you thinking about putting up more on BlogAds or through Google’s ad network?

    I’m not in charge of the ads. That’s down to Penguin. I’d rather spend my money on good food and wine 😉

    And thanks for posting!

    John H: As for ODI in New York, I don’t know how feasible that would be.

    I’m too lazy to google, but I’m pretty sure there’s been an odi in North America. Toronto, maybe? Dunno how they did it but I’m pretty sure it was on fake grass.

    Jonathan: All power to the Indian tv market!

  7. jonathan on #

    that article is from back in january. they subsequently decided to play the games in ireland, just before india start a summer season against england. this isn’t the first time the extremely lucrative indian tv market has led to a one-of series, and i doubt it’ll be the last.

  8. marrije on #

    I must be quite mad, since I’ve been checking my Amazon account a number of times yesterday and today to see whether they have changed the status of my Magic’s Child order to ‘shipping soon, you can’t add anything to this lot any more’.

    [checks again]

    nope. not yet.

    [kicks amazon. but gently, because we don’t want to tick it off]

  9. Cheryl on #

    There are cricket pitches in Toronto, dear. BC is apparently a cricket hot bed, but Toronto is the other major center in Canada.

    But playing in NYC is plain daft. The Bay Area is stuffed full of cricket fans (most of them India supporters). We’d provide a large and knowledgeable crowd. I mean, where is Willow TV headquartered?

  10. da on #

    great add and cover. just loved the book (will write more)
    in 1992 took three canadian colleagues to see the West Indies defeat a world 11 at toronto skydome (now rogers centre). closed roof and artificial turf. of course there were no ausies in the world 11.

  11. hipwritermama on #

    congrats. i haven’t seen your book yet, but will certainly keep an eye out.

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