Magic’s Child Screensavers + manga

Now available for your delectation: gorgeous Magic’s Child screensavers complete with animated butterflies. I just tested it and it made me squeal with happiness. It comes in mac and pc flavours. Happy sigh. Thank you, Courtney Wood, for all your hard work!

What better way to celebrate the final book in the Magic or Madness trilogy’s arrival (just eleven more days) then to have pretty butterflies flutter across your computer screen?

And now I will return to my manga binge. I gave myself a much deserved (truly!) holiday: I went out and gathered up armloads of delicious manga and now I’m reading it. Why, oh why, did I only get the first four volumes of Monster?! What was I thinking? Everyone told me it was awesome! I need more. I must have more.

Heh hem. Don’t mind me. I’m off to read more of Her Majesty’s Dog. Mmmmm, manga!


  1. Little Willow on #

    Rock on with the screensaver and online promotion. The blurbs are AMAZING! Congrats!

  2. Dawn on #

    YAY for the screensavers! I’m not really a fan of Manga, though. My little brothers are very much into the craze, and I DID take Japanese in high school for two years. You’d think I’d have caught on, but no. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

  3. Rachel Brown on #

    oooh manga! what else did you get?

    If your haul did not include es (eternal sabbath) and mushishi you need to run right back out.

  4. Shellie on #

    Yay! I love manga, it rules!

    Your collection doesn’t include one piece or Fairy tail? they are good. ^_^

  5. Dess on #

    hehehe manga. my friend is in love with manga books. she suggests fruits basket. she wants me to read them and they look pretty good but im more of a thick novel type person. i told her id read them as soon as she reads the midnighters. hehehe

  6. Shelby-wa on #

    Mangas ok…I like One Piece best…hey, Justine, does Scott actually read the comments?

  7. Justine on #

    As soon as I’ve declared my holiday over I’ll be writing up my favourites. (But, yes, my haul does include es and Mushishi.)

    Shelby-wa: Scott truly reads all the comments and emails he receives.

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